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  1. Last film you watched & rate it

    Daddy's home - 7/10 Not as good as I was expecting tbh, I think I overhyped it in my head. Not a bad watch nevertheless.
  2. New Top Gear Line up to be led by Chris Evans

    He was a writer for PH at one point (and evo mag before that), but yeah, his vids are what most folk will know. 
  3. New Top Gear Line up to be led by Chris Evans

    I'm happy. I don't mind Chris Evans. The rest are all real car folk, so could make it interesting to watch for us car folk. I'd grown bored of the old format anyway, so it was due a change.     And I'm a big Chris Harris fan, so a big thumbs up from me there. 
  4. Last film you watched & rate it

    Black Mass - 6/10   The night before - 9/10 
  5. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Oh, it'll feel slower than you Civic, it'll be considerably slower. My 1.8 MX5 ran a 16.0, my B16 EG ran a 14.4. Little bit slower... Lmao. Still went back to an MX5 though. 
  6. Do i want to buy an MX5?

      A lot say the mk2 is nicer to drive daily. The mk1 isn't all that bad though. Personally, I can't see the mk2 being much different to drive daily tbh, they're both pretty basic, both can have the same features (air con etc), and as far as I'm concerned, if you modify either, the difference is only going to get narrower. 
  7. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Welcome to the club. #hairdressers4lyfe
  8. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Mk1 has pop up headlights. That's all you need to know. 
  9. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Ooooh, we're talking mk2. I think the 1.6 is actually 110bhp in the mk2. Wouldn't worry about mileage, buy on condition. A lower mileage one may be more rotten. And that's not what you want. Check the chassis rails inside the front arches, they're renowned for going on MK2s 
  10. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Engine wise, there isn't a lot in it in straight line terms, they're both slow as shit (just make sure it's not a post-93 UK 1.6, they're 90bhp), the 1.6 gets smaller brakes and no bracing, but on the road, as something to just run around in, that shouldn't be an issue. So its entirely up to you. 
  11. Do i want to buy an MX5?

    Yes. Do it. So many folk have been in mine and it's changed their opinion of them, a few have even gone out and bought them after - one mate has one and an e46 m3 and says the m3 steering feels horrid after driving his mx5, he actually prefers driving the mx5 for fun. If that doesn't say a lot, I don't know what does.
  12. Last film you watched & rate it

    Entourage - (if you've seen the series, and loved it, and why wouldn't you?) 9/10   Loved all the cameos and throwbacks to the series. Just awesome 
  13. Last film you watched & rate it

    The Martian - 8.5/10. 
  14. Last film you watched & rate it

    Straight outta compton - 8/10, it's a good film, and I know they can't really cut anything out of the story, but it's sooooo long...