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  1. mork added a post in a topic X brace creak!   

    Oil the joints lol
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  2. mork added a post in a topic b18 baffled sump   

    just buy one off the shelf there based on a mugen baffle design so its safe to say its going to do the job. iv welded one in mine took about half a hour to fit i would recommend it for track use if ur going to be using semi cut or full slicks. 
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  3. mork added a post in a topic Japfest 2013: Let's get it started!   

    1. Porker
    2. harVTEC
    3. ctrsam
    4. Slowrider
    5. jackgardner
    6. Jordan 339
    7. Hayes
    8. Barry
    9. Nickp3
    10 Ek-BoY-53 x3
    11 EJ9 Dan
    12. Dazza-civic92
    13. RapeyMcRaperton
    14. Sandy
    15. Josh2490
    16. Rustbucket
    17. Shuthan
    18. coupeciviclsi
    19. RJF
    20. JDMLJ
    21. Turkish
    22. DanT
    23. Civic92
    24. Stu.
    25. B16Brad
    26. Aaron_vti
    27. 5MITHY
    28. JDM karl
    29. Adrian EK D15
    30. Antihero711
    31. Civic-voy (Chris)
    32. Ellzy
    33. Scott7170
    34. LilAndy94
    35. :::Adds:::
    36. Dannyhack
    37. Jordancivic
    38. Foxyboy333
    39. 1964
    40. Mr Scott
    41. Sonicblue
    42. JDM_Tom
    43. Hamza
    44. K Vee Gee
    45. Rcbbisho
    46. suzukisj413
    47. rocksteady
    48. AimeeLovett
    49. Turk
    51.Jordman26 (2 Cars)
    52 fyse!
    53. smash
    55.Ej-joe (think thats his name here lol

    i pay up next week
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  4. mork added a post in a topic Spot weld removal kit   

    Cool. Don't push to hard when u drill the out or ul go straight through.
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  5. mork added a post in a topic Spot weld removal kit   

    Have you got a link to what uv bought? At work we just use a special flat headed drill bit so u just need to drill out the weld. Like these
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  6. mork added a topic in Track Talk   

    castle combe track day 15th october
    My mates running a track day at castle combe on the 15th of October its £150 for the day open pit lane so you can stay out for as long as you like. 12 cars on track at a time so theres plenty of space to do your thing also gd for beginner. The track days he runs r always a gd laugh everyone helps each other out if anything goes Wronge. There's always a gd variety of cars from standard mk1 escorts to 500bhp evos so there's always something interesting to race. Normal castle combe rules will apply if ur interested sent me a pm.
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  7. mork added a post in a topic Slicks on track   

    I run slicks on my track car probably the best investment on my car, the are terrible when cold but amazing when up to temp. Probably not a gd idea to run them on ur first track day because u need to get used to the car first as the slicks will take abit of getting used to.
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  8. mork added a topic in Track Talk   

    castle combe on board video
    Thought I'd post a video of me in my eg6 at forge motorsport day at castle combe see what everyone thought.

    Comment and criticisms welcome.
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  9. mork added a post in a topic New member from bristol   

    Hey, I think I saw this in yate yesterday coming out of the shell garage. I drove past in the red eg. Looked prity low.
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  10. mork added a post in a topic cheddar gorge static meet   

    that was me it was a right laugh. and i got a section 59 and 3 points.
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  11. mork added a post in a topic post your track day /competition pictures   

    Just a few pics at castle combe on the weekend

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  12. mork added a post in a topic Any one from Bristol   

    Yeh I'm in bristol. I'm about most sunday nights at cribbs
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  13. mork added a post in a topic rollcages   

    Needs to be seamless steel aswell. Iv got a omp cage in mine and it does the job. you can pick them up cheap 2nd hand if your in no hurry. worth looking at safety devices cages.
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  14. mork added a post in a topic EG front windscreen Trim removal   

    Be careful new mouldings are 80pound for a pair. And u can't buy the clips on there own.

    Gd luck
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  15. mork added a post in a topic JapFest '12 (STAND CLOSED) - Castle coombe   

    Thanks buddy
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