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  1. X brace creak!

    Oil the joints lol
  2. b18 baffled sump

    just buy one off the shelf there based on a mugen baffle design so its safe to say its going to do the job. iv welded one in mine took about half a hour to fit i would recommend it for track use if ur going to be using semi cut or full slicks. 
  3. 1. Porker 2. harVTEC 3. ctrsam 4. Slowrider 5. jackgardner 6. Jordan 339 7. Hayes 8. Barry 9. Nickp3 10 Ek-BoY-53 x3 11 EJ9 Dan 12. Dazza-civic92 13. RapeyMcRaperton 14. Sandy 15. Josh2490 16. Rustbucket 17. Shuthan 18. coupeciviclsi 19. RJF 20. JDMLJ 21. Turkish 22. DanT 23. Civic92 24. Stu. 25. B16Brad 26. Aaron_vti 27. 5MITHY 28. JDM karl 29. Adrian EK D15 30. Antihero711 31. Civic-voy (Chris) 32. Ellzy 33. Scott7170 34. LilAndy94 35. :::Adds::: 36. Dannyhack 37. Jordancivic 38. Foxyboy333 39. 1964 40. Mr Scott 41. Sonicblue 42. JDM_Tom 43. Hamza 44. K Vee Gee 45. Rcbbisho 46. suzukisj413 47. rocksteady 48. AimeeLovett 49. Turk 50.Colinjuk 51.Jordman26 (2 Cars) 52 fyse! 53. smash 54.Mafew 55.Ej-joe (think thats his name here lol 56.georgie-s2k 57.mork i pay up next week
  4. Spot weld removal kit

    Cool. Don't push to hard when u drill the out or ul go straight through.
  5. Spot weld removal kit

    Have you got a link to what uv bought? At work we just use a special flat headed drill bit so u just need to drill out the weld. Like these
  6. My mates running a track day at castle combe on the 15th of October its £150 for the day open pit lane so you can stay out for as long as you like. 12 cars on track at a time so theres plenty of space to do your thing also gd for beginner. The track days he runs r always a gd laugh everyone helps each other out if anything goes Wronge. There's always a gd variety of cars from standard mk1 escorts to 500bhp evos so there's always something interesting to race. Normal castle combe rules will apply if ur interested sent me a pm.
  7. Slicks on track

    I run slicks on my track car probably the best investment on my car, the are terrible when cold but amazing when up to temp. Probably not a gd idea to run them on ur first track day because u need to get used to the car first as the slicks will take abit of getting used to.
  8. Thought I'd post a video of me in my eg6 at forge motorsport day at castle combe see what everyone thought. Comment and criticisms welcome.
  9. New member from bristol

    Hey, I think I saw this in yate yesterday coming out of the shell garage. I drove past in the red eg. Looked prity low.
  10. cheddar gorge static meet

    that was me it was a right laugh. and i got a section 59 and 3 points.
  11. post your track day /competition pictures

    Just a few pics at castle combe on the weekend
  12. Any one from Bristol

    Yeh I'm in bristol. I'm about most sunday nights at cribbs
  13. rollcages

    Needs to be seamless steel aswell. Iv got a omp cage in mine and it does the job. you can pick them up cheap 2nd hand if your in no hurry. worth looking at safety devices cages.
  14. EG front windscreen Trim removal

    Be careful new mouldings are 80pound for a pair. And u can't buy the clips on there own. Gd luck