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  1. Another insurance scam..

    some guy once tried it with my mate while he was driving a Artic Truck on the M5 and some lad cut him up and slammed the breaks on in a shitty micra and my mate just thought fuck it and slammed him into the hard sholder into the barriers as he thought it was the safest option ;)
  2. Another insurance scam..

    even if they flash you to come out like what the scammers are doing their answer is "I was just making you aware I was there" so its a load of shit but the insurance always go with them!
  3. Honda noob

    welcome to the site buddy, if you going to use it for tracks I would switch the rims for 16's
  4. New and new to hondas!

    welcome to the site buddy, just stick your self a nice B18 inside it and there is your power lol
  5. Another insurance scam..

    prob is with this scam they hit you from the sides so it makes the dash cam useless
  6. Anybody done a Skydive before?

    bastard! that is rather guttering for you buddy
  7. Another insurance scam..

    they also target vans and little wagons as some numpty tried it with my bro afew months back
  8. Holiday suggestions for next year...

    id really love to hit japan aswell afew friends of mine went last year and they loved it, night life was fantastic, friendly people and lots to see in the mountains as they not to far from citys 
  9. Hmm. Skyline..

    for how much you have to pay for insurance there all not that great for the 34 GTT,  you can get a pretty hish spec 32 GTST for roughly the same price or even a standard GTR if you look hard enough
  10. Holiday suggestions for next year...

    how about Las Vages, ive looked into myself and there is shit loads to do out there
  11. Anybody done a Skydive before?

    you wont regret it dude its fantastic
  12. Anybody done a Skydive before?

    its one of the best feelings in the world dude! it feels like you are truly free and you seem to forget about anything else for that short space of time
  13. B16 b now a very valuable engine?

    you can get a early EP3 for around £1500 now from auctions and good haggling so with that basis the k20 will not be worth that much, but you look for a car with the b16 in and with them being a lot fewer they sell for more and they seem to be a lot better for the die hard Honda people
  14. Vtec smoking when it kicks in why?

    the car was stood for about 4months before getting used as a daily run around but the smoke is like a grey/white
  15. just started to do it as i was going out for the day with some friends, having a little fun with the car and then i could start to smell something funny and my mate phoned me up and told me i was pouring smoke out. Tryed it later on and found out that smoke only comes out of the exhaust when the vtec kicks in at 5k in my D16. Any help will be appreciated as i want to sort this quick