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  1. Constant EML on ej9

    I think you need an o2 sensor spacer, that allows the sensor to read as if its in a normal exahaust and wont trip the light.
  2. Ej9 power loss help!

    Haha Kyron!! lol mate ahve you had it seviced, changed spark plugs/ ht leads? If not, its most likely that, worn sark plugs.
  3. Hire Car Fun

    LOL we had a brand new corsa returned to one of our offices on a recovery...burnt out just the shell
  4. Can anyone help me, do DC2 rails fit evo 6 seats?

    1. RandomDan


      I belive they need modding slightly, new holes need drilling or something along those lines.

    2. roonee


      Ah okay thanks man, im selling the rails to someone, don't wanna screw her over if they don't fit lol so need to find out 100% first. Lol

    3. hurstyek4


      simple answer is no, not without modding. had to drill fresh holes in when I fit my evo seats to my dc2 rails.

  5. Ek rear camer adjusters same as eg?

    Yes, all the same fitment.
  6. Surely This Can't Be Right?

    Try Co-operative and Tesco, I found they're the cheapest.
  7. What sort of miles you guys getting

    Hold up, you got 297 miles on just over a half tank? What is this witchcraft?!?!
  8. Describe Your Poo With A Film Title

    Exit Wounds loll
  9. Describe Your Poo With A Film Title

    I know what you did last summer
  10. Describe Your Poo With A Film Title

    Gone in 60 Seconds
  11. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    Ha weve got a few coming to our branch tomorrow, strict orders from head office not to pull them out til next week loool
  12. bee r rev limiter type H

    Use the search function on here, there was a thread by eazalee and ive got pics in there for him. Its easy really, u hust hook it up to a power source, ground and then into the ignition control module cable.
  13. Anyone here live in or around Kidderminster?

    Holy thread revival!! And that would have been me in the black EG 3 yrs ago around kiddy haha.
  14. Honda civic coupe 1.6 non vtec to vtec help

    Google is your friend and research, but here you go lol: B18C4/gbox and all running gear, shifter linkages and driveshafts Rear engine L bracket and dual post engine mount from the cambelt side - from an ek4 vti (b16a2 engine) Ek4 vti engine loom, facelift or prefacelift depending on what yours is P28/p30 ecu socketed and chipped with a B18C4 basemap and a jumper harness either obd2a (prefacelift) or obd2b (facelift) to obd1.
  15. eg centre pipe same as ek?

    The pipe should fit, but the hanger points will most likely be all different