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  1. 1987 civic gti - new car & new user

    Sorry to spam lads but selling up all my 3g bits tein suspension adjustable panhard bar bigger torsion bars jap bumper jap clocks, b series shafts with sk7 half shaft osaka jdm spoiler. Need it all gone as my ea is gone
  2. Nsx callipers ek4

    Newer ones use 300 lads I think unless I've an nsx calliper and atr carrier anyway I need 300mm already had 282s on and they don't fit
  3. Nsx callipers ek4

    Don't really want to go re drilling mate. Anyone? Surely someone on here has done this?
  4. Nsx callipers ek4

    Hi lads just bought a set of nsx callipers for my ek4 have them all bolted up no problems I'm just struggling to find a set of good 300mm discs to fit and I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction   Thanks
  5. new Irish member

    Hear your car is a ball of shite. You should sell it. I actually know a guy Welcome john!
  6. Civic AH

    Often come up for sale on eBay ive 2 at the moment
  7. Last film you watched & rate it

    Django 10 Ganster squad 10
  8. Engine Oil Viscosity

    Excellent read thanks for sharing
  9. Performance 15" tyres?

    cant beleive more people arent mentioning federal 595 rsr's. great tyre for the price
  10. 84-87 3rd gen civics and 84-87 1st gen crx's ill get the ball rolling
  11. J. Cole - Born Sinner

    massive j cole fan but after hearing this for the first time. I was so disappointed. 10, 15 times later, like take care, like cole worldnit continues to grow and it is just sublime!! the diversity, the lyrics, the beats, the featuring artists. just top notch. j cole is fast tracking his way to greatness if he keeps this going!
  12. looking to get leaner

    thats great news keep it up bud!
  13. So it begins!

    too lazy and fussy to cook anything chipper is just easier. its shocking i know
  14. So it begins!

    exactly my problem. im lazy, unmotivated, unhealthy do no excercise eat takeaway 7 nights a week and just tipped 100k on the scales tonight and feel like fucking shit