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  1. Things to do in London

    Sit in traffic. Be overcharged for everything. Feel claustrophobic.
  2. Little too much oil?

    Unlikely to cause any problems, I used to keep my oil level slightly higher than that when on track with no baffled sump
  3. Centre console lights not working

    You may be surprised, but there are only two 286 bulbs behind the centre console to illuminate it, and once one blows, the remaining one soon follows I've found. Almost 100% it's the bulbs that have blown, have fun getting to them
  4. clutch fluid

    Sounds like you're having a fling with my missus mate!
  5. Short Shifter or not?

    I fitted a Buddyclub single bend to my EK4, along with Hardrace reinforced shifter bushings and it completely transformed the feel of the gear change. Would 100% recommend it to anyone, everyone who drove my car straight away commented on how good it felt. Obviously the 'throw' between gears is massively reduced, thus faster changes, but the entire accuracy and overall feel is transformed. Do it!
  6. Dog rough ej9

    Are you definitely getting fuel in delivered, have you unbolted the fuel rail delivery pipe and turned it over? Had fuel squirting from the hose? I've had a few cars now where the fuel inertia / cut off switch has triggered when being loaded onto recovery trucks / trailers.
  7. It's Oh So Quiet...

    I used to use / post here pretty much daily, and never paid much interest to the Facebook pages or Instagram, but when the forum was down for ages that time I needed to find other places to ask questions, help with other people's enquires, sell and show off my shit. That's when I found how useful social media can be for that sort of stuff, everything is a few clicks away with Facebook pages on mobiles, should you quickly need a picture of something, people don't mind quickly running out to their car, snapping a picture and posting it on your Facebook thread, all within a few minutes. Posting a for sale thread is equally as easy, and with Facebook the audience / amount of potential buyers outdoes forums any day of the week, people who aren't 'looking to buy' automatically have your post on their Facebook news feed etc. No selling fees (yet) is also a massive bonus, I'm sure eBay are suffering with the constant increase in Facebook selling pages. Events are easier to organise on Facebook, I've got plenty of Honda mates that are on Facebook but not on forums, so they'd never see details of meets that are only announced on forums, plus it's easy to see who and who isn't attending on Facebook too.   I 100% believe forums will always be the best place for technical information / guides etc. But for general socialising, selling, picture sharing / showing off and anything urgent Facebook / Instagram have taken over. Build threads appear to be a thing of the past, I should know, I've not updated mine for years, but I do post plenty of build related pictures to Insta. Not to say I won't continue to be a 'forum guy'
  8. Ep3 clutch help

  9. So whos left?!

    Still here, having my daily lurk of the for sale section. Not had a roadworthy Civic in over 2 years, constantly trying to talk myself out of buying an EP3 :/ Been stockpiling a few parts though
  10. Woodruff keys

    Totally missed the 'cam' bit of your original post, assumed you meant crank! Can't say I've ever noticed Hondas having woodruff keys on the cams, always thought they were notched instead? Strange, they list a key for B16 cams, but nothing for D15, but I've got some B16 cams and gears here that are notched / no keys :/
  11. Woodruff keys

    They are indeed, was certain they were so checked a D15 one against a B16 one on Lings Honda, same part number. 
  12. Hello everyone,   I'm hoping someone can help, I've recently bought an EK9 tailgate for my Jordan, which of course has tinted glass. There are some scratches in the screen which I want to remove, I have access to all of the right equipment to do this. But can't figure out which side of the glass is tinted.   As far as I'm aware the factory tint isn't a film, and is dipped / sprayed or something along them lines, unless someone can correct me? Maybe someone with factory tints has somehow removed them?   Obviously if it's the outside of the glass that is coloured this will need to be taken into account when cutting the scratches out.   Thanks in advance!   Harv
  13. Thank you..

    You're most welcome    It's the least I can do, considering all of the speedy approvals my many for sale threads have received lately!    If you consider the sheer volume of help and knowledge this forum and it's members offer on a day-to-day basis, donating the odd quid here and there is nothing. For example, if a thread on here helps you diagnose a running problem, that you would otherwise have had to pay £35+ for a garage to diagnose, then surely a fiver donation is the least you can do    Harv

    To put anything other than lemon and sugar on a pancake is basically lollin' at Jesus for getting stuck in a cave or whatever the story is.   I don't do pancake DAY, it tends to turn into pancake week once I've had one of those delicious little bastards.
  15. Front camber - Cutting holes in top mounts...

      If you read my post again you'll see that I didn't actually say I thought it was unsafe, the content of my comment was directed to the way in which you have completed this 'modification'. 'I started with a rough estimate where I should cut and as per usual I did way too much. Yeah I know I cut way too much out. Trial and error'  In my opinion that approach with regards to any modification, especially on a structural part of the vehicle is completely unacceptable.     As you've said, it's unlikely that anybody on here would be able to prove that what you have done will cause any significant weakness to the structure of the vehicle, however, other than people saying 'I've done it, it's fine', there is also nobody on here that can prove it's 100% safe to do so. For this reason I think you should have erred on the side of caution when going ahead with it, such as measuring the absolute maximum amount of metal you would ever need to have out of the way, and cutting slightly smaller than that amount, instead of just going 'Oh, I need to cut out about this much, meh, I've cut out too much, oh well'.   The time you're now going to spend welding the strut brace bits of metal back in could have been spent with a tape measure and some chalk drawing up exactly where to cut in the first place.   Just my 2p, I'm not 'hating' on what you've done, I just feel the way in which you've done it could have been far better had you put more time into the preparation.