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  1. harVTEC added a post in a topic Woodruff keys   

    Totally missed the 'cam' bit of your original post, assumed you meant crank! Can't say I've ever noticed Hondas having woodruff keys on the cams, always thought they were notched instead?
    Strange, they list a key for B16 cams, but nothing for D15, but I've got some B16 cams and gears here that are notched / no keys :/
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  2. harVTEC added a post in a topic Woodruff keys   

    They are indeed, was certain they were so checked a D15 one against a B16 one on Lings Honda, same part number. 
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  3. harVTEC added a topic in Exterior / Bodywork / Detailing   

    EK9 Tinted Rear Glass - Inside or Out?
    Hello everyone,   I'm hoping someone can help, I've recently bought an EK9 tailgate for my Jordan, which of course has tinted glass. There are some scratches in the screen which I want to remove, I have access to all of the right equipment to do this. But can't figure out which side of the glass is tinted.   As far as I'm aware the factory tint isn't a film, and is dipped / sprayed or something along them lines, unless someone can correct me? Maybe someone with factory tints has somehow removed them?   Obviously if it's the outside of the glass that is coloured this will need to be taken into account when cutting the scratches out.   Thanks in advance!   Harv
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  4. harVTEC added a post in a topic Thank you..   

    You're most welcome 
    It's the least I can do, considering all of the speedy approvals my many for sale threads have received lately! 
    If you consider the sheer volume of help and knowledge this forum and it's members offer on a day-to-day basis, donating the odd quid here and there is nothing. For example, if a thread on here helps you diagnose a running problem, that you would otherwise have had to pay £35+ for a garage to diagnose, then surely a fiver donation is the least you can do 
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  5. harVTEC added a post in a topic IT'S PANCAKE DAY   

    To put anything other than lemon and sugar on a pancake is basically lollin' at Jesus for getting stuck in a cave or whatever the story is.
    I don't do pancake DAY, it tends to turn into pancake week once I've had one of those delicious little bastards.
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  6. harVTEC added a post in a topic Front camber - Cutting holes in top mounts...   

    If you read my post again you'll see that I didn't actually say I thought it was unsafe, the content of my comment was directed to the way in which you have completed this 'modification'. 'I started with a rough estimate where I should cut and as per usual I did way too much. Yeah I know I cut way too much out. Trial and error'  In my opinion that approach with regards to any modification, especially on a structural part of the vehicle is completely unacceptable.
    As you've said, it's unlikely that anybody on here would be able to prove that what you have done will cause any significant weakness to the structure of the vehicle, however, other than people saying 'I've done it, it's fine', there is also nobody on here that can prove it's 100% safe to do so. For this reason I think you should have erred on the side of caution when going ahead with it, such as measuring the absolute maximum amount of metal you would ever need to have out of the way, and cutting slightly smaller than that amount, instead of just going 'Oh, I need to cut out about this much, meh, I've cut out too much, oh well'.
    The time you're now going to spend welding the strut brace bits of metal back in could have been spent with a tape measure and some chalk drawing up exactly where to cut in the first place.
    Just my 2p, I'm not 'hating' on what you've done, I just feel the way in which you've done it could have been far better had you put more time into the preparation.
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  7. harVTEC added a post in a topic Front camber - Cutting holes in top mounts...   

    Measure twice, cut once.
    Sorry but what you have done is a typical example of when stuff like this ends in tears, and is then deemed 'unsafe' regardless of how it is done by other people from now on. Hopefully you can find a way of replacing some of the metal you've unnecessarily removed   
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  8. harVTEC added a post in a topic Front camber - Cutting holes in top mounts...   

    I couldn't see anyone actually using this for adjustments at the track, the amount of alignment equipment you'd need to take with you to be able to actually adjust anything would be completely unrealistic. Anyone who does a few laps, comes in and adjusts camber / toe BY EYE, then goes back out and say they notice any difference is chatting utter bollocks.
    The only benefit of this would be for adjusting the camber while you're hooked up to tracking gauges. Theoretically it would eliminate the need to jack the car up to adjust the camber bit by bit, which can be a pain in the arse. But as said, this would only be when on turnplates with the gauges fitted.
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  9. harVTEC added a post in a topic Front camber - Cutting holes in top mounts...   

    Never seen that done before, at least it's been done to a track car (I presume) and the driver has said it's fine. Instead of the other way round, i.e. doing it on a road car and assuming it's fine, when really it's never been put under enough stress on the road to fail. I think if it were to cause any problems, on track would be where it would.
    I think if I were to do it I would cut the square out and drill some holes to nut and bolt some if you like bracing across the top, or make an elevated detachable box that can be removed to access the camber arms. 
    In the above picture it looks the camber arm comes slightly through the hole, or would at least rub if there was still metal there, so that may be another reason for cutting the section out.

    Just noticed the above car is on airride, that's obviously why he's cut the section out. 4 MOAR LOWZZZ INNIT
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  10. harVTEC added a post in a topic converting DC2 from 5x114.3 to 4x100   

    I'm almost certain all 92-00 EG, EK and DC2 knuckles are the same, along with the RTAs, hopefully someone else will be able to confirm / correct this. Obviously some were fitted with different PCD hub assemblies.
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  11. harVTEC added a post in a topic converting DC2 from 5x114.3 to 4x100   

    Easiest way to go about it would be EG or EK front knuckles, and EK4 rear wheel bearing assemblies to fit to your current rear trailing arms. Then either have your discs re-drilled or buy the MG ZR (I think, someone correct me) 4x100 282 & 262 discs.
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  12. harVTEC added a post in a topic how to slip cambelt back onto cam gear? head swap   

    As above, by the time you've pissed about trying to squeeze it back on or whatever you could have just slackened off the tensioner and done it properly. Kinda how Honda intended I suppose.
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  13. harVTEC added a post in a topic hardrace parts ?   

    We run the full Hardrace range on both of our company track cars (Focus ST & MR2 Turbo) and also have the entire Hardrace range to go on my EK4. They are the only brand of aftermarket bushings / arms etc. I would use on my cars, never experienced any problems with them. Their threaded components (camber / toe arms) are the only ones I've seen used for 5+ years and not be rusted and seized.
    As said above, if you plan to slam your car to the floor then the front camber arms aren't for you. They also offer an alternative drop link for seriously lowered cars, maybe that would cure the problem of people having their's fail?
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  14. harVTEC added a post in a topic Identifying 282 upgrade   

    Lucas will be either MB6 or MG. The Integra calipers are made by Nissin. The pads aren't interchangeable between the Nissin and Lucas calipers as the slot in the top of the carrier (to inspect pad / disc thickness through) is a different shape, so buy either MG or MB6 pads mate.
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  15. harVTEC added a post in a topic Split rim wheel issue!   

    It may not be much help, and I know you've just had them painted but I personally would choose some damaged paint over a wheel that hasn't been bolted together properly! Either way your paint will suffer, whether it's some slight damage from correctly tightened bolts, or a completely ruined wheel and car due to the wheel fucking up after not being correctly assembled. 
    Is it really worth risking your's, and other people's lives over some paint?
    Might be worth contacting some other people that have had their RMs painted, to see what they did to avoid the problem.
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