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  1. meister R superlows

    im looking for information on the meister R superlows, how much are they? how low they go etc.. are these better than the D2 coilover set? its for a civic coupe em1
  2. lowerd 50mm

    lowered front and back 50mm but the front is higher than the back? wats causing this? anyone had the same problem? if so wats the solution?
  3. b16A coolant

    naah the water looks fine the oil looks its normal couler, the oils defo rissen up, the coolant and oil dont go down at the same time, the coolant goes down more than the oil.
  4. b16A coolant

    my civic B16A is usig alot of coolant, i was wandering if thats got anything to do with it burning alot of oil or is there something up with it using so much coolant?
  5. oil for b16

    thts why im on this
  6. oil for b16

  7. oil for b16

    this topic has probarly already been covered but il post it anyway, what oil goes goes into the b16? and whats best fully synthetic or part? what makes good?
  8. left window stoped working

    sorted, the moter was gone.
  9. left window stoped working

    yh iv cheked the fuses, theres only one fuse for both windows, the right windows working tho.. two little magnets fell out the bottom of the doorcard wen he shut the door.. one of them has broken into two, a freind said mayb the manet has a connection to the window? so shal i try and buy new magnet bits?
  10. the left window was working fine wen i was driving, as soon as my brother shut the door i tried to close the window and it woodnt work, anyone know wat might be the problem? the right window works fine. ( the windows are electric)
  11. how do u post pics of ur car up? and on a thread
  12. 50mm lowerd front and back

    yes the top of the shock has popped through the mount and hit the bonnet, big dent in the bonnet. how do i post pics up?
  13. 50mm lowerd front and back

    the left shock popped thro the strut today.. fuk knows why, everything looks fine. anyone know wats up with tht?
  14. 50mm lowerd front and back

    alright... the rides goods.. handles like a go kart.. it just looks abit odd when uv parked up lol...
  15. 50mm lowerd front and back

    theyr pi shocks with cobra get pics up soon. cameras fukt just now