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  1. Some goodies coming this week :)

  2. that's the baffled sump bought :)

  3. Not getting any vtec someone helppppp

    1. RandomDan


      Checked the Vtec fluid?

    2. smithy


      Good call dan, was gonna suggest that!

    3. Peteioz
  4. b16a2 idle problem and no vtec

    Its doing the exact same as this   http://s1255.photobucket.com/user/Shorts12/story/28195#media-player
  5. Okay spent all day searching and have just confused myself so ill explain whats happening!   Bought a b16a2 engine for my jordan after other one being ****ed! Put my gearbox and inlet etc all on new engine and started the car!   The car has a rough idle in and around 1500 revs. Took the car out a drive and tried to give it some vtec and it just reved on by vtec then hit a limiter around 6-6500 instead of the usual 7500 or whatever.   Defo has enough oil as it was serviced yesterday and has no spark plugs too.   Is it possible a pipe being mixed up or plugs mixed up might be causing this?   Any ideas? Want to sort this tomorrow! Its so annoying!!!   Thanks!!
  6. All Civic Jordan Owners

    Yeah i use it but its very quiet!   Btw theres a brave few differences with a a jordan and a vti. But hey whatever u think!
  7. Can someone tell me really quick what ecu is in my jordan civic. its a standard one, and can it be chipped

    1. RandomDan


      Almost certainly 0bd2 and cant be reasonably chipped.

    2. Barry


      Obd2b is in the jordan as its facelift vti

  8. B16a2 Bottom end knocking!

    its bad now but i cant understand whats happened. it had plenty of oil
  9. As the topic says have a terrible knocking coming from the bottom end of the engine.   Not really completely clued in on engines etc so was just wondering if anyone knows whats wrong and if it is the bottom end needing replaced can someone help me out with which bottom end to go for performance wise.   Cheers
  10. Grand Theft Auto V

    Anyone got the 500,000 yet?
  11. Need to know as need them for my Jordan and someone is selling eg6 ones? Cheers
  12. Manifold

    Thinking about buying a 4-1 manifold. Can some explain the difference between a 4/2/1 and a 4/1 mani an the different power gains
  13. Anyone else on here having their car in FF6?

    Lucky boy!!