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  1. We've had the boot...

    goodluck never had a issue with any parts brought from u, super fast delievery etc sell more parts for mazda rx8's
  2. A K20 EK yes or no? lol

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. J90


      Buy DanF's!

    3. Sir-kayleigh


      dont like him lol

    4. mattcivic


      buy mine then :D ha! i will consider a eg in part ex with it? what have you got pm me?

  3. Any Mountain Bikers Here?

    yeah its there 6 week check u can buy there service repair cover but i never
  4. Any Mountain Bikers Here?

    Yeah it's fine offroad I don't do anything serious but does everything I need it to do, Had it for a few months,they had to adjust brakes and gears but that's included at halfords after 6weeks
  5. Any Mountain Bikers Here?

    Yeah that's the one I got macca it's alrite good starting bike, depends what you want form it?
  6. Any Mountain Bikers Here?

    Me and my other half just getting into this I brought a reasonable Carrera from halfords unisex cost £300 mark pretty good for what I need Boyfriend brought a boardman cant remember model not cheap one that's a great bike for the money so good no effort needed but that's around £1000 with a few extra's aswell Good luck looking mate
  7. 1 day left in sunny Egypt :(

  8. Will pm everyone who left me pm'd when i get back sat thanks kay

  9. Your NYE plans this year?

    spending it in egypt having a 5star dinner with my boyfriend makes a change from normal shit
  10. 10 hours till i get on the plane lol

  11. Sunny egypt in 4days cant wait

  12. Merry Christmas Everyone !

    Same to you
  13. Conversion B series info needed

    Or my b20 vtec swap?? 211bhp loads of goddies skunk2,spoon,tri y manifold etc £1500 downside would need to get eg mounts etc for both ek swaps listed above?
  14. Been a long time

    tonight if i get the chance lol