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  1. Z6 box on a d14A4

    Also on the box casing somewhere around the drain an fill plug area there should be code A000 or B000. B000 is the box with quicker ratios
  2. Starting stopping issue poss abs civic eg

    Not hard to take out
  3. B20 won't start

    you can still out it in the wrong direction. check the leads to make sure there are in the right order
  4. B20 won't start

    Was the dizzy taken off the head during the build? if so make sure you put it back on the right way as you might have put it 180 degrees off. So the dizzy fires on the exhaust stroke
  5. knock sensor/coolant fan switch ?

    the knock sensor goes between the number 2 cylinder, in which case is the hole you have circled. google some pictures
  6. Just use a cat if its off slightly they will let it go through
  7. h22 eg. what size exhaust system?

    Got 2.25 inch on my eg h22 and its was fine. 2.75" would be ideal I guess. Do you have a cat?
  8. eg3 h22a2 battery light

    Had same problem and I tried another alternator and all was well again
  9. Anti Roll Bar Sizes & Fitment

    How do I put a sc2 rear anti roll bar without a brace? as the holes don't match up
  10. HELP! brake squeaking puzzle :S

    You can get reconditioned or new ones from autoparts stores near you. What car is it? If you try the breaking section you might get a good second hand one cheers
  11. 50 cent is dead.

    Don't think he will be travelling on his own lol
  12. HELP! brake squeaking puzzle :S

    Try driving it slowly and try the hand brakes to see if the squeak stops if it does then you know the problem lies in the rear. As civics tend to have on of the rear callipers binding a bit sometimes
  13. powersteering hose cracked

    was going to tell you to use a wrench like the brake ones but did not know the size so kept quite.