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  1. What have you done since the site went down?

  2. Car crash in Leicester, RIP lads, civiclife member

    Sad news .could happen to anyone! Sorry to hear!
  3. anyone know any "friendly" MOT'ers in west london? Only thing I don't have is a fog light.

  4. Chicken .... Healthy eating

    With salad, green yellow and red peppers..with rice/pasta, lemon. Ofcourse you could marinate it with nandos sauce or bbq before hand.   Some people take it way too seriously and have it plain..I think if you actually enjoy it those extra calories with the sauce will help you eat chicken longer then without
  5. Gna download on monday weeeeeeeeeee
  6. Kerbed my wheels twice in two days -_- more reason to buy some epic wheels? In other news, does £580 sound good for a full front end respray and rear mugen lip?

    1. Kev_B18


      sound fucking expensive tbh but my mate does mine at mates rates

    2. Alex_Ej6


      Get some epic wheels mate haha! £580 is a good price! I'm sure you could find cheaperr though

    3. Kev_B18


      just out of curiosity why do we not have any body shops in the trader section surely someone oh here must be a sprayer wanting some extra dollars

  7. Anyone know of any decent Bodyshops around west london area? normal bodyshop guy not replying -_- Thanks!

    1. Snowseph


      You been to RT Performance? They're around Wembley I believe. Seem to be popular on the 350z forum and their work looks good, but I've never used them!

  8. Fantasy Football

    joined up
  9. Windscreen, why you crack on me!

    Those were hailstones?! Wow shit must get fucked quite easy haha, i wonder what insurance companies round that area say about that lol
  10. Windscreen, why you crack on me!

    I would believe it could be down to the weather..As it was in a locked garage and It suddenly went from 27 degrees for five days straight, to then rain and cold, back to then 27 degrees again in a matter of 24hours lol
  11. Dc5 vs s2000

      Seeing DPW's s2k crash after a roundabout in the rain also kind of put me off going for an s2k. Although I don't know the full scenario.   Lots of people said they are twitchy but if you like that then it can be used to your advantage.   Otherwise limited space being only two seats   Although you just need to look at The_Loons, DPW's and Kim's S2K and your mind will be convinced lol   Adding on to the above comments, i agree i would only get the facelift S2K aswell.    C pack being the only version of DC5 aswell
  12. Dc5 vs s2000

    I had the same dilemma a while back..   I went for the dc5 mainly because of the extra seats and massive boot. I dont regret the decision but i would love to own a S2k aswell one day   Ideally you would have to assess what you will use the car for.   I will probably get a anniversary grey s2k with the red dash one day but for now DC5 won be more - Mainly because its a bit more refined for daily usage.   Id say drive both cars, then pick the one you liked. Drive it for a year or two then sell up for the other car.
  13. Headphones

    The bastards dont have the change song button tho?
  14. Headphones

    I may go sennheiser then. Dr beats in the gym will just be annoying seeing as they massive. The in ear dr beats i dont rate after seeing many especially being almost 5/7 times the price of sennheiser etc    Thanks guys
  15. Headphones

    Since theres so many to pick from, i thought i should ask you guys!   Need some new headphones..Ideally in ear.   I have had Samsung ones which come with the phone, skull-candy, sennheiser and dre in ears and tbh the skullcandy were the best sound wise. But they didnt have volume adjuster and sometimes the change song button would just pause the song instead of going next song.   So...Which do you use and would you recommend?    Kthx