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  1. my zx6r ninja

    No mate just a 600, its the year before they changed over
  2. can I use my ej9 exhaust on a b16 swap?

    Thanks for all the information guy's. Yeah it will just be a temporoary measure incase I cant get an exhaust before I do the swap
  3. can I use my ej9 exhaust on a b16 swap?

    Cheers guys. It will only be tempororary as the engine swaps wiped me out this month haha
  4. can I use my ej9 exhaust on a b16 swap?

    Ah cool. Nah its a genuine honda system
  5. AS the title says really, unsure if I need to buy one. Any help would be great Cheers
  6. According to the comics its about this point in the story where judith dies, wouldnt have thought theyd have shown a baby getting eaten tbh. but yeah that episode. Damn! Im a little bit gutted the guvoner is dead, he was such a good villain!
  7. b16a2 swap, some advice needed

    so would a conversion harness go between the interior loom and ecu or ecu and engine loom, this is the bit that confuses me. i think ill leave it then, as if hes had it running on the type r ecu im not  sure what could potentially be wrong with the engine if anything,. and its quite a high miler
  8. b16a2 swap, some advice needed

    so would that ecu not work at all? im a bit dubious as ive read it could make it slower due to the differences witin the b16b to the a2. 
  9. Basically I have been offered a full b16a2 swap, however its running a jdm ecu from the type r (ek), unsure of the code. The car its from a pre facelift. my car is a facelift, and my understanding is that a conversion harness is required somewhere. but my question is will it work with the type r ecu and also I have a toad alarm fitted so will it bypass this as well? If anyone can ahed some light that would be great Cheers J
  10.   ill second that. however i could help expecting the G to flip out on them women or summat
  11. I read somewhere tthe next 2 episodes are dedicated to the governor. Hes one messed up guy
  12. my zx6r ninja

    Cheers guys! Gunna get an exhaust first when I find one. Probably get a tail tidy, seat cowl and some bobbins for now.
  13. my zx6r ninja

    So I passed my test last Friday and finally got my first ride out, didn't go too mad, it's a different beast to what I learnt on, nevertheless a beatiful bike to ride and plenty quick enough for me for a while
  14. Gt6 demo / gt academy 2013

    Anyone had a go yet? Just waiting for it to download now
  15. japfest 2**meeting point**

    Aah fuck and piss, completely forgot to check for this! Nevertheless I'll still be going anyway