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  1. Making a d15z6 run backwards?

    I have a solution! I can flip the diff in my vw box and run it backwards! It's pretty simple to do.
  2. Making a d15z6 run backwards?

    The benefit of running my honda engine in my volkswagen
  3. How hard is this gonna be? Ive seen it done a a few b series engines so I assume it's possible with the humble d series? Any info would be sweet Cheers Kyle
  4. Air Ride

    Said beetle! Switches and pressure gauges for front and back
  5. Air Ride

    Air doesn't have to be expensive! - Viair 380c pump £220 - 2 manual switches from havair £60 - push fittings about £30 - Rangerover air tank 1g £30 (rated at 150psi) or you could simply make one like i did! Pressure switch £15 Plus the price of bags that slip over the coilovers! Thats £355 without bags and nylon pipe! I've just built a full air kit for my beetle and you'd be surprised how cheap you can do it!
  6. MOT Testers opinion ?

    I wouldn't let it bother you! Haha, just best to know these things before you jump in.
  7. MOT Testers opinion ?

  8. MOT Testers opinion ?

    They would probably argue that its 12" from a suspension mount though! Also are you reading the construction and use act 2013? And mot regs 2013, they have sneaked a few changes in there! Obviously we all know that removing the spare wheel well is fine, just VOSA are starting to be quite proactive on clamping down on mods to cars as of late so i thought I'd just give the you a heads up!
  9. MOT Testers opinion ?

    The bumper is fine, I'd be more concerned about the car being illegal due to you cutting out the spare wheel well! Chassis modifications are illegal and VOSA would have the right to take your number plates if they wanted to! Obviously the likelihood of that is slim, im just making you aware Kyle
  10. Alloy mot rules

    The wheel can protrude from the arch 20mm on the vertical plane! And no tyre tred can protrude at all! Hope that helps
  11. Honda clique, Bristol

    Im going to this, bringing the aircooled wank wagon though!
  12. Its not mine, saw it a ultimate dubs last year! Heres a few more
  13. Anyone out and about in the snow?

    This guy knows how to take advantage of the minimal snow that we get in the uk! Stolen off a aircooled forum.