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  1. b16a2 compression

    I'd say rings then.
  2. Help putting 282mm brakes on 4x100 hub

    That's what I did in the end Zoaib. It's just I had those discs an they were like new but the off set was wrong but all sorted
  3. b16a2 compression

    If it smokes sitting stationary when you Rev it rings. If it smokes on the over run Id say stem seals
  4. Help putting 282mm brakes on 4x100 hub

    Sorted, had to use ABS hubs
  5. Help putting 282mm brakes on 4x100 hub

    I have an esi with discs on the rear too lol, I'm going to buy some ABS front hubs now an check that my brakes fit when I meet the guy. But yeah apparently only ABS hubs work.. News to me lol
  6. Hi all hope some one can point me in the right direction. Basically I have an eg esi, so 262mm originally. I've had mb6 stop tech discs re drilled to 4x100. When I came to fitting them last night the carrier seemed way too thick. Or the disc were the wrong offset. I'm thinking maybe the mg discs are a different off set? Here's a couple of pictures. Hope some one can help! Thanks matt
  7. my turbo set up help and opinions please :)

    Jdl auto design Madvtti
  8. my turbo set up help and opinions please :)

    Im finishing my setup off i use to have the t3 50 trim, now changed to a td05 twin scroll 10.5 hope it goes well, i got my manifold made in US for internal wastegate. Im hoping i can achieve 300hp or just over, im using the b18c type r head hondata s300 with boost solenoid so hopefully the cams will help it top end too. Just having the down pipe made this week full 3" system, ill let you know how it goes    
  9. mimms club stand 26th October

    Nail on the head dav well said
  10. Custom Exhaust

    phill unique exhaust stafford hes done mine and friends sytstems. Turbo back 3" £380
  11. 282's under enkei rpf1's

    Brill! Thanks for that lads, some one was giving me doubts lol I was 99.9% sure they'd fit
  12. Hello all I'm planning on putting my 282mm setup on the front of my eg from a mb6 but keeping the 4x100 hubs. Question is will they fit? A friend was told they wouldn't I'm pretty sure they would. There 15" enkei rpf1 et35 Cheers
  13. I used Honda oem ones, worked perfect!
  14. Tdo5 or keep my garret t3/t4

    Does anyone know any other company in the UK that can make the td05 manifold other than racetech? Cheers
  15. Tdo5 or keep my garret t3/t4

    Hi all, I'm looking into getting this td05 setup. Now I have a guy offering me a "TD05HR 16G 9T turbo" what are your opinions on this I'm looking at running 300hp, would this be the one to go for? Cheers turbo guru's