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  1. Last film you watched & rate it

    Birdman: -10/10, avoid at all costs, has a great cast, but tried to be too artsy fartsy for it's own good, wanted to blow my fucking brains out throughout the whole film.
  2. E3 2015

    I'm super fucking psyched for when the Hololens becomes a consumer product. Been playing around with VR stuff at work, and we're aiming to use AR in the near future when this shit becomes more accessible.
  3. E3 2015

    What are you most excited for?
  4. EK converted Orthia....

    Good ol' HKDM
  5. Seven seater/MPV hire

      Damn, they don't cater to where I live!   I'm located in Kent, if anyone knows a good one...
  6. Seven seater/MPV hire

    Can anybody recommend a good company for car hire that doesn't have a age restriction for MPV's? Seen a few where you have to be 30+ MPV's
  7. Cabin Logs/Lake Houses

    Major appreciation guys!
  8. Cabin Logs/Lake Houses

    Had a look at Hoseasons too, don't think they have anything bigger than 10+ but I'll give them a call anyway! Any deposits required?
  9. Cabin Logs/Lake Houses

    Hi everybody,    I'll be back home in England in a few weeks time, and have decided to have an "American College" style reunion with my mates, the plan is to have 10+ of us rent a place for the weekend, anywhere in England thats close to a lake or a in a wood, anybody here have any experience and know where I should look?   Tried several companies on google, but these places either don't cater to the amount of people we have, or are commercially "family" style such as centre parcs.   Thanks.
  10. New user with a stupid Accord

      You better be kidding man, that's mental!
  11. New user with a stupid Accord

    That's a lovely MX! Makes me miss my old one so fucking much
  12. Christmas is coming my CivicLife BITCHES!

        I come home on Chinese New Year (roughly jan-feb, differs year to year) because we get a week off rather than two days for Christmas (xmas and boxing day), and on top of my personal annual leave, I can be home for 3 weeks!
  13. Christmas is coming my CivicLife BITCHES!

    Living abroad makes me miss Christmas, the getting hammered with mates on xmas eve, the family time on xmas day, the 12 hour dinner, watching classic movies on the tele, get none of that shit living away from home!
  14. Last film you watched & rate it

    Interstellar 20000000/10, best film of this ENTIRE thread.
  15. New user with a stupid Accord

    FAKK FAKKKK FAAA-AA-AAAKKKK! That's hellaaaaa dope maine!