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  1. Civiclife Reading meet 2012! - 03/03/12 - Pics added Pg18

    haha just as i dried mine it rained so it can dry its self now and never gets waxed anyways !
  2. Civiclife Reading meet 2012! - 03/03/12 - Pics added Pg18

    I will be there for a bit and no asbo driving haha this is reading !
  3. New gearbox, did you shred the S4c then haha, i guess your going LSD route then, hurry up, i missed the last mimms so didnt see ya.

  4. haha stop peer pressuring me :P lol im getting the gearbox delivered this week so there will be videos , after crimbo as it takes 750 miles to break the clutch in haha

  5. Get some vids up of that turbo you.

  6. New Jordan 416 Owner

    welcome mate !
  7. Dc2 to EG

    When he says its just a fun project , it really is you just get bored over winter dont ya rob ! you should see his other car damnnnn haha wouldnt wanna be driving it in the snow and rain tho so fair play on the little eg project you got some quality parts and you know your shit so its gonna be pretty rapidzzz
  8. Adrian flux comes up trumps!

    20 years old 2 years ncb and they quoted me £1600 for my boosted ek4 ! bargain
  9. Dc2 to EG

    supposedly they do im getting one for mine all about the bling really haha , But bigger anti roll bars sometimes tear the standard rear subframe away on the civics so thats why your supposed to get one of these bad boys ! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASR-SUBFRAME-BRACE-92-95-CIVIC-94-01-INTEGRA-PURPLE-/150493579043?pt=Race_Car_Parts&hash=item230a1dc723
  10. cleaned out the vtec solenoid ? if theres loads of shit in the filter on the solenoid it makes vtec stuttter alot ! i had this problem worth a try
  11. New 276hp Astra VXR

    when i roll up next to someone in one of these in my 12 year old civic and leave it for dust whoever it was that bought one would think damn i just spent 30k to be beaten by a 7k tin of crap haha speed is all i need i will keep the civic thanks and they can only get 270bhp out of a 2 litre turbo ? damn need to take a leaf out of mitsubishi's book the evos where pushing 360 straight out of the factory . imo vauxhall dont know how to tune very well
  12. boom! shifty has vtec! hello and such

    welcome along ! damn i want one of them skylines , rare as S**t tho
  13. walboro 255

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WALBRO-255-FUEL-PUMP-FITS-HONDA-CIVIC-1-6-1-8-VTEC-/370260337502?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item56353c635e where i got mine from genuine warlbro and 1 yr gurantee ! good seller too
  14. Rear disc conversion from a rover 600 turbo?

    sorry thought i posted it ! my bad here it is http://www.ek9.org/forum/brakes/20721-rear-disc-upgrade-260mm-rear-carrier-problems.html
  15. Do i declare?

    yeah thats the way it works im afraid mate ! robbing bastards tho hope it doesnt cost you too much !