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  1. Civiclife beach (holi)day....

    Safe yo, i'm game as fuck, put me down on that list lad
  2. Axis wheels

    does this guy still do these rims?
  3. Cheltenham New Year Meet

    I'm coming put me on the listt
  4. Cheltenham Town Circuit, TONIGHT

    Ye, me and gibbo doin circuit tonight with some other peeps, soo if anyone wants to join us FEEL FREEE
  5. chelt cruise, sunday night?

    me and luke gibbons will come outt if ya like
  6. Cheltenham meet

    Will be there
  7. Iteee guyss, how much would insurance be for a 17 year old, just passed his test on a honda civic coupe 1.5 LSI If its too expensive, For example, Over 200 pounds a month then please suggest another civic i should buy instead, or even another car. Cheeers