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  1. Orange Is the New Black

    Loved it
  2. JDM North video - March Manchester meet

    Yeh we only saw it when taking the equipment back to the car.    Lovely car. I always wanted an eg6 after watching initial d manga. From my avatar you can see the red eg we took to the nurburg, but it will have a colour change next time you see it.    Has yours been resprayed/welded or has it miraculously survived so clean?
  3.   We had a sick night :-D
  4. Breaking bad shit happened in my town

  5. Equus bass 770- new(ish) muscle car.

    like it
  6. Crypto Currencies

    Crypto Currencies are "mined". Litecoins is the second largest by market cap under Bitcoins.   Instead of a fiat currency(like the £, $ etc) where a central bank issues new money to play with inflation, crypto currencies have a steady increase in liquedity based on a formula. In fiat currency the new money is lent to governments and banks to bring it into supply, in bitcoin/litecoin etc computers "mine" by performing hard mathematical challenges that keep getting harder and if its completed the new unit of currency goes to you (or more commonally a pool of people all pooling their computers). Basically...
  7. Crypto Currencies

    After the stocks and shares thread I was wondering if anyone in here invests, mines or does commerce with Crypto Currencies?   Im strongly considering setting up a rig for Litecoin mining. Drawbacks, apart from the startup costs, are its a pain in the ass to convert into GBP.    Im sure just like the gold rush the real money is selling pick-axes, but what do you guys think?
  8. Buying and selling shares

      Funny you mention GSK actually because I opened a long CFD on them the day before they came out with a bird flu cure, which was nice. Absolute fluke that made me laugh.   Also if you are going to trade you need to pick a song that you play after closing trades. I play this and do a dance around the room:   Ive never done FOREX or penny shares because of the drawbacks I have read regarding them.   Has anyone on here done CFD's or spread betting? 
  9. DayZ

    Buy a steam box in a couple of months and play it on there :-)
  10. Buying and selling shares

    Jono's first comments were spot on, it all got out of hand after that but i thought id type out my experience.   When very young I bought some shares in Greggs (which I still hold) and RyanAir (which I sold).   In 2007/8 I had £3200 in an isa run by a Icelandic bank, which went bust. Her Majesties government, for reasons beyond economic reality, decided to bail savers in these banks. I got my £3200 and put it in the Natwest.  Natwest decided that 1.5% or so was a good return and I didn't. So I did some research (not on civiclife, haha) and decided that I should buy in Barclays and Lloyds banking group as they looked like they would pull through the financial crisis. I chose Hargreaves Lansdown as my broker for various reasons that i cba going into.  I chose my banking investments because I calculated(guesstimated) that I would outstrip the isa return over 3 years by thousands of percent.  After three weeks I was £800 (on paper) down and wasnt very happy. After 6 weeks I was up by a lot. So I sold and invested for days at a time in banking, mining and tech/healthcare. After 4 months I had £6000 in my hargreaves account and I went to Australia.  When in Australia I spent a lot of money and only had £1000 I could use to invest (see advice below) so i traded in CFD's (contracts for difference) NB spread betting is banned in Australia. Using CFD's was very high stress, the worst example was going out for dinner with an exposure of $45,000 AUD on the market. In the end I got a job that meant i couldnt watch my laptop screen during trading hours and working is easier money when trading with such little capital. I did bog all trading for a long time until Royal Mail came by, I applied for £1k of shares because I thought it represented good value. I was interviewed on the radio regarding this and decided to make a sale of my holdings because of a tax bill. Again I made calculations of return on this.   My advice to anyone starting out: If you are buying shares don't bother buying less than £1000's worth(of one/each company), the buy order will cost you £20 and the sell with cost you £20 so the share has to rise 4% before you even start to make money.  Buy good companies after bad times for long term investments Look for peaks and troughs in your graphs, especially lines of resistance. Spread betting is the way forward for short term trading because you can short (making money on the value of a share going down), use margin and have low to zero commission to pay. Plus they have apps and platforms that are top notch and free.  Very few fund managers can do their job, don't bother giving them your money.
  11. Nascar. Anybody into it?

    Id watch it if I knew where to. Its a relaxing and easy watch for me
  12. Rush

  13. Receiving Payment for a car Via Paypal?

    Ive paid for a car via paypal. So there are genuine people out there doing it
  14. 2guns

    I get angry in films like Pain and Gain because of how retarded the bad guys are :-(
  15. HTC One

    I got a One a few weeks back after cracking the screen really bad on my one X.    I got it cheaper on Vodafone than you guys for some reason £34 for unlimited, unlimited and 2GB.