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  1. EG6 SIR heated power folding mirror help!

    Hah ... it's OK, I get it. 
  2. Abs or no abs ?

    People often forget that ABS doesn't help you stop *faster* ... it just allows you to steer when you are braking. So, that means you actually can take longer to stop. Those of us without ABS remember how to pump the brakes.
  3. Eg sir tcs system knowledge and advice

    ^ Agree with Smiley - I think a retrofit of OEM TCS is a technical impossibility on your German LHD EDM EG6. This is because there is a RHD TCS-specific steering rack (and possibly other RHD-only parts). You may have better luck doing an aftermarket retrofit (but wire it to use the OEM switches and cluster lights). This is likely technically possible and would be a really nice mod.
  4. EJ help please!

    I've got two of these collecting dust under my porch. Trouble is, I'm in Canada. And I can't sell stuff on this board (not enough posts - dumb). If you go to we can arrange something (same user name, and I have a strong positive sales history). I'll only charge £25. But shipping is extra and is stupid expensive. I want to be rid of them though. EDIT REASON: Put wrong price, sorry.
  5. Goo Gone or peanut butter(!)
  6. ek lca's in a eg

  7. Rarest JDM limited edition model?

    The JDM LHD EJ1 Coupe *is* a rare beast but there IS another JDM special edition hatch that was even rarer. Only sold in one region of Japan and came with a bunch of special decals and interior. Here is the thread about it: There was also a very rare version of EG hatch in Belgium of all places that came with bronze glass and a few other special features.
  8. I am in the middle of this conversion but going from RHD to LHD (Canada) so yeah, it's a pain for us. However, I've studied all the wiring and such so I know exactly what you'll need. Basically, 90% of the wiring is self contained in the separate loom that goes to the heater/blower, evaporator and CC control unit. The only other parts you need are going to the in-cabin air sensor (mounts on that little grille on your dash) and the sunshine sensor (mounts at centre of dash, near windscreen). These are in the same dash loom that goes to your clocks, rear defrost switch, etc. The last part you need is for the outside temp sensor (which you mentioned) and it mounts somewhere near the radiator. A pink and brown wire runs to it. Hopefully you have all the other parts that need to go with it too - like the motors and relays. If you tell me what you've got already I can confirm if you have everything.
  9. Quick Fuse Box Question

    Yes, totally identical.
  10. EG Hatch interior/boot question

    Here is the standard trunk area of a USDM/CDM Civic - what differences do you see? (Besides the strut bar - that is not OEM, obviously.) Note here that jack and tools don't really have a place to go. This is the flimsy spare-tire cover made out of cardboard. Covered by carpet -- do those corner boxes go ON TOP of the carpet or underneath? Images courtesy HT user HBKfanatic.
  11. EG Hatch interior/boot question

    Cheers for looking out -- I see you've got a hatch, mind taking a few photos?
  12. EG Hatch interior/boot question

    First I'd like to see some photos of the trunk area ... for example, how does the spare tire cover sit over the spare tire? How does the jack fit into the little holder. I'm not a thicky here - it's just different from across the pond and I'm trying to figure out how.
  13. Eg sir tcs system knowledge and advice

    ^ Can you confirm what the full P/N is printed on your ECU?
  14. EG Hatch interior/boot question

    I've seen these little containers before on photos of EDM hatches and we don't have them in North America. I'm wondering what the story is on them... ie., do they bolt or screw in place into the body, and do they go underneath or on top of the carpeting in the trunk? There is a design difference in the spare tire well in EDM vs. USDM/CDM - I see you have a little bracket that holds your jack, etc. - we don't have this. Does your spare tire cover sit on top of this and is supported in the corners by the little boxes, or am I totally out to lunch here? Sorry this may seem blatantly obvious to you, but it's hard to find pictures of exactly what's going on back there. Would someone care to walk a foreigner through it? THanks...