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  1. UK rap battles...

    Oshea is the best for me, he's fucking funny!
  2. Thinking of coming back, boosted b/d..

  3. Japfest 2014 - My photos

    Thanks for the pic of my glanza!! (the one with cut/wide wings)
  4. Discuss.

  5. Discuss.

      I agree!
  6. Discuss.

      Me don't got none .
  7. Discuss.

  8. Grand Theft Auto V

      Get it from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's or mossisons bud! Think I paid £38 lastnight it Asda . 
  9. Describe Your Poo With A Film Title

    Catch me if you can.
  10. Describe Your Poo With A Film Title

    Due date.
  11. The story youve all been waiting for.

    I don't drink, ever. And I don't eat meat either lol.
  12. Do not use Halfords for oil!

    Why didn't you just google what type of oil the golf takes?   Could, and should have checked the oil bottle first too as it would have say 'diesel' on it. Said*.
  13. Motivational quote thread.

    What's your motive? There's a lot of people who aren't successful in life; not because you don't have talent, not because you don't have skills, but your character isn't right! And if you're not careful your talent will take you places that your character can't keep you. So what's your motive? What are you doing that's so important? It's not enough just to be a doctor, you got doctors who got terr...ible bedside manors, terrible. You got lawyers who are skilled but arrogant. The motivation is important, why? Because when you look at the word you got two things; You got motive and then action. So motive is important because what's driving your action? Even if your action is good you gotta ask what drives it? What guides it? What moves it? What's the reason behind why you're doing what you're doing? That's just as critical as the action itself. So the reason why you can't get out of bed early in the morning is because you don't have the thing that's pushing you to say no to the alarm clock, no to the snooze button. So what you got your dream car? So what you got a new job? What's after that? So what's your motivation. What moves you, what guides you
  14. pressie from the wife

      I've got 58 pairs of shoes now, it's an addiction for me lol. Hell, I just like new shoes.
  15. Don't take none of that fat burning shite.   Get some trainers on, step outside your front door and run miles. Simple as that.   Eat right and put in the effort.