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  1. Fucked up movies you wished you never watched?

    A Serbian Film, it's so fucked up I was half expecting police to bust through the front door to take me away halfway through.
  2. Snowboarding advice?

    If you want a Lib Tech but can't afford it, just look for any GNU boards. Both made by Mervin, just have different names and colourways. But as said, you can pick up a rocker board for alot less than a Lib Tech. Although my most fun board is my DC PBJ, and that's flat.
  3. Yeah, I overfilled it slightly and drove home. I only live in High Wycombe so it wasn't too far.
  4. Yeah I did feel like a cunt as I knew I was leaving a trail of oil, but I needed to nurse the car home. It was that or leave it in Ace and let all the oil drain out..
  5. JDMTom's Endless Horizon Motorsport Photos

    I knew I had issues and was going to need to jack it up at some point, it was much easier than using a widowmaker.
  6. JDMTom's Endless Horizon Motorsport Photos

    Your EP3 is one of the only ones I've ever liked, such a nice car man. I'm pretty sure you drove past me in London on Friday night at like 1am.
  7. JDMTom's Endless Horizon Motorsport Photos

    It had split in the normal weak place, next to the drain plug. I managed to get home by overfilling the oil and driving very carefully. I've patched the hole up now until I can pick up my new sump. The Minilites are off whilst I try and find some nice 16's, as to have the fitment I had with 15's means you break shit all the time..
  8. JDMTom's Endless Horizon Motorsport Photos

    Yeah it was me, I smashed my sump on the way down. That and my gearbox was leaking too.
  9. New guy with a DA Integra

    So I have got my Teg back, and is running healthy at over 200bhp. I'll throw a thread up soon but here's a couple of photos I got last night to show the car in it's sorry state before the work begins.. Integra DA5 by Micheal Evans, on Flickr DA Integra Sunset by Micheal Evans, on Flickr
  10. Battlefield 3

    What settings / spec are you running? I've managed to get mine from 40 - 50 fps to averaging 95+
  11. Battlefield 3

    If any of you play on the PC hit me up, my Battlelog is Jnr_Wu I dunno if this link works - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/Jnr_Wu/
  12. Got guns?

    That was my collection, makes me want to get back into it actually..
  13. one for the rota haters

    The whole Rota argument seems retarded to me, it seems like the whole Apple vs Android or Canon vs Nikon. They all appeal to different audiences. You should be buying wheels based on how much you like them, not to please anyone else. Afterall it is your car, if you're happy that is all that matters?
  14. A bad year, please take a second to read...

    Even though I'm new here I felt I had to donate. I lost a friend to this 4 years ago, he just collapsed during a rugby match. I'm sorry for your loss, and good luck with the walk.
  15. New guy with a DA Integra

    Does that Lenny guy drive a red Ignis?