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  1. My lolcal Tesco.

    Haha done this a year ago think it was! No pics im afraid but me and my mates wrote cunt lol aha pretty risky cos the one in helston cornwall is WIDE OPEN on a bank so it was fairly sketchy! felt UBER proud after though! hehe
  2. Rush HD

    Just scanning through the hd channels on sky and found Rush HD and it's pretty sick got drifting and extreme sports! Cheers Carl
  3. Goin cornwall this weekend

    Cornwalls shit don't come here! lmao jokes yeah loads of places in newgay just look about buddy!
  4. Hair Rising Songs

    All these songs here are SICK! but here's my ones! Rock (screamo) Dubstep Rap/grime/whatever lol Rock pop Theres obviously FUCK loads more! just cant think! lol Hers more country! lol opera shizzle lol CHeers CArl
  5. I will be on it if i cba to make money! takes soo FUCKING long! lol i just odered Forza 2 colletors edtion cos im a BAZILLIONAIRE ON THERE! lol so im gunna go old school and drift and shit on forza 2 if anyones feeling genereous and wants to give me money so i can actually play forza 3 as in like mess around drift and shiz then my gamertag is IBigBear92I
  6. Hopefully going to look at this on Sunday

    I'm going with you buddy! but saying that i like have something to work on! a challenge! but you want something mint so i guess that one is perfect for that! and if you don't mind spending more and the having to save up for parts then go for it buddy! Mint car!
  7. Hopefully going to look at this on Sunday

    Bit expensive i think? maybe get one cheaper that needs a lil bit of work and buy some sick parts with the extra cash? Cheers Carl
  8. Cheapest honda to insure?

    I like this car! lol could you help me with my insure quote! i need tell them what car but i don't have a registartion! WHat's the engine size: Year of manufacture: number of doors: value of car: CHeers carl!
  9. Cheapest honda to insure?

    Okay so what ep would i want if i wanted the one which you think is best for cheapest insurance? CHeers carl
  10. Cheapest honda to insure?

    I have thought of this! just completely forgot about this way which is the easiest! lol thanks bud!
  11. Cheapest honda to insure?

    SICK lol they will be a bit more exspensive but it would be cheaper in the long run having an ep than having say and eg or ek This makes me happy! lol
  12. Cheapest honda to insure?

    Really? Cos ide get an ep lol any day?
  13. Cheapest honda to insure?

    I'm too tired to even comprehend what i would answer this with! lol but i did say ANY advice so thanks for the advice!
  14. Cheapest honda to insure?

    Very good advie!
  15. Cheapest honda to insure? This actually looks pretty sick! lol