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    1. Fahadl786


      Pads have a spring which is confusing me..

    2. Kev_B18


      not nessicerily the exact item pictured prob a generic pic personally id be scared how good a set of discs and pads for £35 could be, I could be totally wrong tho

    3. Fahadl786


      Yeah true. Thanks. Ill re consider these lol

  1. 10 seconds of your time...

    Thanks alot lads. Appreciate that Prize is just a professional photoshoot. But only people in edinburgh can compete lol. This suzuki bike seems to have the lead however. Thanks again though!
  2. 10 seconds of your time...

    If you could help me win by 'LIKE'ing the pic in the link below. Thanks! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1591238471097504&id=1561159917438693&set=a.1590802967807721.1073741830.1561159917438693&ref=m_notif&notif_t=comment_mention
  3. So who has a teg now?

    Started with an stock EJ9. And made this Then moved onto this..
  4. Indicator lights stopped flashing

    look for the relay under the dash and give it a good tap, itll start working again i bet you...
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. harVTEC


      May have to replace the piston rings he fried!

    3. J90


      It's actually retro cool now.

    4. Stu.


      ^That, but regardless I wouldn't buy a car with a hole in the passenger footwell.

  5. @ Trixz   was the front of your car sitting very high when you installed the coilovers or was it decked?..also where they a new set or second hand?
  6.     Yeah we tried both mate, makes no difference still sits the same
  7.   i need one the size of africa
  8. ^ lol just you wait for the piks mate! i hope we are wrong then it can be fixed but i seriously doubt it ive fitted coilovers 3-4 times!
  9. ^ i though that too but then we tried parking the front wheels over onto the kerb and then the rears aswell and it made no difference, the coilover are definatley maxed out in drop correctly but still sitting 3-5mm lower than stock height when according to the coilover the car is lowered 120mm+ LOL
  10. Give them a clean. Dust probably got into the sleeve. Happened to me lol
  11. Bank transfers

    Transferring is like handing the cash over. Its not reversable.