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  1. Now the owner of an Azure Blue 350z. Fear I won't be very active on here no more but I'm sure I'll catch you all at jap meets/Mimms, etc. Thanks to everyone who's shown love for and helped me with my build over the years, wouldn't of been able to do it without this forum. 3

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    2. Alex_Ej6


      I'm sure I'll see the beast again, give ya 350z a spanking up reading gate ;) lol

    3. Snowseph


      Good point Kyron haha, I'll definitely do that

    4. talldarkrandom


      Other marques build please

  2. Looks like I'll be buying a 350z this week, with any luck!

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    2. Shuthan


      A few people have said its not really all that tbh.

    3. Snowseph


      Went for one over the weekend man, was good :) hoping to get the 313 spec if I can but see what money allows haha

    4. mikecivicvtec


      As previously mentioned they are dull as hell. Heavy, heavy on petrol and heavy on costs in general. I drove both the S2000 and the 350z and trust me, the S2000 is a much better all round car.

  3. Should be the owner of an EP3 this weekend/next week. Evo/DC5 are a tad too expensive :( still awesome though haha.

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    2. Snowseph


      DC5's affordable, but ALL high mileage lol. Can't find any advertised that don't have above 70k miles on the clock. Evo's are 9k upwards but when you're after the MR FQ-360 it ain't cheap :(

    3. Antisanta


      did you look on There are a few on there with like 70k miles, not cheap though.

    4. Snowseph


      I didn't but thanks mate, I shall. May be able to afford a 350z too ;)

  4. Looking like I may be breaking the Civic soon :(

    1. harrigan95


      Noooo :( I love your eg! Wish mine was half as clean!

  5. Just wondering how some of you are set up with fuel injection now? My set up is really frustrating me. I'm running the fuel pump in the engine bay and it's pulling fuel from the EG3 tank. Naturally, pumps are better at pushing than pulling, correct?    When I'm low on fuel and turning in/out of a corner, my fuel cuts off momentarily and resumes when I'm in a straight line due to sloshing around in the tank and the pump having to struggle to pull it toward to the engine.   Am I right in thinking if I put an EG6 tank in, this will correct the issue? As the fuel pump is already inside the EG6 tank and will push the fuel toward the engine? Also, I'd just need an OBD1 interior loom and the EG6 tank would be plug and play? If so, good! As I've already got one.   Appreciate any help.   Thanks,   Joe
  6. Seriously considering buying a DC5/Evo 9

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    2. mikecivicvtec


      Id buy the Evo mate. Don't get me wrong I'd quite happily drive a DC5, but it aint a patch on the 9

    3. Alex_Ej6


      take one for a test drive..

    4. leanneb88



  7. Standard KFC friday at work. Return from KFC and test my launch control in the car park, only to discover flames popping and banging from the zorst (and no Luke, I was not key bashing and YES the engine was warm my good people). When my Civic's not off the road, I facking LAV it. <3

    1. Loplop


      I've got launch control. There's no shift-lock between 'N' and 'D4'

    2. Snowseph


      ^ Hahaha auto's ftw, just spent 3 weeks driving a diesel auto pug around, torque was cray

    3. Andy


      Sounds like you'd be more suited to McDonald's tbh :P

  8. Am I being stupid or is a dash loom genuinely real? lol. It's one half of an interior loom, right? The other half being known as the "car" part of the loom?

  9. OBD1 interior loom plz. The parts you always need the most you can never seem to find straight away, gah!

    1. mikecivicvtec


      I had this problem with my EG, I just bought a smashed up ESI as a donor for the wiring loom and sold the rest of the bits I didn't need.

    2. Snowseph


      haha good choice mate, if I had the money to buy the donor I probably would, could end up making some back from it too.

    3. mikecivicvtec


      Well I bought an EG ESI from down south for like 250 quid. Been in a front end collision.

      Paid around £200 to give it delivered up (I put the job on shiply), I sold the rear disc conversion for around £100 quid, D16Z6 for around £250 with box, various panels for £10-£20 and doors for like £30 or something. So in the end I got the wiring loom for free and I probably made around £150 on it.

  10. Titanfall

    Definitely man, can't wait for this and BF4. Gonna be an anti-social slob for months haha
  11. Titanfall

    Yeah man, it does look sweet. I've played COD since Call of Duty 2 back when you couldn't sprint and running with a pistol was SLIGHTLY faster, but THIS and Battlefield 4 look to be my next shooters of choice, no doubt I'll get Ghosts too but think I'll play those two more!
  12. Titanfall

    Please tell me someone else has seen this? Looks like it's gonna be awesome.
  13. Badly want Grid-V's for my Civic, so phresh!

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    2. Snowseph


      Really? Ah shit, might have to go for 15x7 then, can't be dealing with bullshit camber lol.

    3. GymJunkie


      If you have rolled arches and the right size tyres the 15x7 are perfect fitment when slammed

    4. Snowseph


      My arches ain't rolled but I've got 15x7 ET20 OZ Cronos with 195/50/15's comfortably fitted, no rubbing etc.

  14. Fuel pump gave up this morning, no more buzzing noise. Think it's time to change my fuel setup! Grr.

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    2. Snowseph


      Yeah I have a Walbro now I think. Casually driving along and hear the buzzing in the engine bay stop oh dear haha. The wires of it connect to the positive on the battery, really hoping they're not fucked or it's gonna be such a ball ache :(

    3. shorts


      haven't you brought that petrol tank/pump yet?

    4. Kev_B18


      you running an uprated setup ?? ive got a oem pump if ur interested

  15. Hit a big pothole on the way home and now my front right looks like it's got SERIOUS camber going on. Anyone know what the issue could be? Hope it ain't too serious :\ ffs

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    2. naDiel


      Trailing arm? Or maybe front lower control arm? Eventually it might be the front camber arm. Take the wheel off and post pics that would be the best option so people could look for abnormalities.

    3. Barry


      Probably a lower arm or wishbone

    4. Snowseph


      Was the buddyclub camber arm in the end, adjusted it back to normal and it's fine now. But my front tyre's fucked and my rear tyre's split, GREAT!