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  1. Snowseph added a topic in 5th Gen Tech   

    EG3 B18 Conversion Fuel Setup Choices
    Just wondering how some of you are set up with fuel injection now? My set up is really frustrating me. I'm running the fuel pump in the engine bay and it's pulling fuel from the EG3 tank. Naturally, pumps are better at pushing than pulling, correct? 
    When I'm low on fuel and turning in/out of a corner, my fuel cuts off momentarily and resumes when I'm in a straight line due to sloshing around in the tank and the pump having to struggle to pull it toward to the engine.
    Am I right in thinking if I put an EG6 tank in, this will correct the issue? As the fuel pump is already inside the EG6 tank and will push the fuel toward the engine? Also, I'd just need an OBD1 interior loom and the EG6 tank would be plug and play? If so, good! As I've already got one.
    Appreciate any help.
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  2. Snowseph added a post in a topic Titanfall   

    Definitely man, can't wait for this and BF4. Gonna be an anti-social slob for months haha
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  3. Snowseph added a post in a topic Titanfall   

    Yeah man, it does look sweet. I've played COD since Call of Duty 2 back when you couldn't sprint and running with a pistol was SLIGHTLY faster, but THIS and Battlefield 4 look to be my next shooters of choice, no doubt I'll get Ghosts too but think I'll play those two more!
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  4. Snowseph added a topic in Gaming/Phones/Tech/Computing   

    Please tell me someone else has seen this? Looks like it's gonna be awesome.

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  5. Snowseph added a post in a topic Oil Choices?   

    Wicked, I'll try this one next.
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  6. Snowseph added a post in a topic Oil Choices?   

    Mint, cheers fellas. Gonna be using GTX for now.
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  7. Snowseph added a topic in Engine / Mechanical   

    Oil Choices?
    Yo, just wondering (roughly) what oil I should be using for my B18C4?
    My mate who installs all of my parts for me advised me to use Shell Helix Semi Synthetic 15w-40 oil as the engine is old, I occassionally use Castrol GTX Semi Synthetic 10w-40 to top up as BP never have 15w-40 on their shelves. 
    When I first had the swap done, I'm pretty sure I was using Fuchs Titan Race 5w-40 Ester Synthetic oil? But I was told this'd be no good for my engine?
    Considering using Fuchs Titan Universal HD 15w-40 High Performance oil now, I've got a LOT of Skunk2 Pro Series top end mods going on, with ARP bolts holding everything together. 
    Any suggestions?
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  8. Snowseph added a post in a topic Service parts for a B series Honda, oil, plugs etc   

    Yeah man, NGK Iridium plugs are a good choice, so's a HAMP oil filter, I'm pretty sure you can buy earth wiring kits from Performance Parts Warehouse, Tegiwa, etc. If not, you'll definitely be able to find some on ebay.
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  9. Snowseph added a post in a topic How old were you when you got your Honda?   

    19 when I got my EG3!
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  10. Snowseph added a post in a topic Fast & Furious 6 Game   

    Haha it's all good if you've got patience, I haven't spent a penny on it and I'm on the class 3 section now. But playing it less than I was!
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  11. Snowseph added a post in a topic How is this fitted? (Charcoal cannister?)   

    I've got the same issue with my EG at the moment, since I had my B swap, the canister was removed, now whenever I'm driving I can smell the fuel vapour, especially when the windows are open. For me, it's not really a petrol smell (like you'd smell at the pumps) it's more smoggy and I can feel it in my nose/throat as I breathe, it's always there but particularly more so when I turn corners, for some reason?
    Been looking for help with this for ages as my clothes/cabin constantly stink of fumes from the engine!
    I'll have to give this a try and see if it makes the smell piss off, I imagine the setup would be the same for a B18C4?
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  12. Snowseph added a post in a topic What music do you listen to in the gym ?   

    Ellie Goulding - The Writer, nothing beats that tbh.
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  13. Snowseph added a post in a topic Charcoal Canister Options?   

    Yeah, only way to find out is to try and fit it I guess lol. Hopefully the smell will piss off after that!
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  14. Snowseph added a post in a topic What music do you listen to in the gym ?   

    My music taste is so varied, it's crazy. Love listening to beefin' hip hop/rap to get me pumped, but this stuff is ALWAYS good at the gym.

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  15. Snowseph added a post in a topic WTF......   

    So when's Rapey gonna buy the car and keep the whale in the boot for sentimental value?
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