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  1. I LOVE the old black Civic! Damn, with that engine, it must be a beast!
  2. Northern Hondas dyno day at TDI north

    Nice pictures man ! Cars here looks insane!
  3. Nice pictures ! The blue eg6 with the what bay is mine.
  4. For you "Stance" kids.

    I can't believe that somewhere in this world, someone could like those pieces of crap. Worst fail for the Celica.
  5. Your Rare Parts/Modifications

    My Highend performance seats, carbon/kevlar. I believe i'm the only one having this in France, maybe in Europe.
  6. [EC9] Turbo on a d14a1 ?

    I'd like to stay with a sohc engine, and i would like to try to go on turbo... What about a D15B7 engine with turbo ? Is the swap will be hard to do?
  7. [EC9] Turbo on a d14a1 ?

    Mmmhhh and what's the simpliest thing to do ? Take a admission from a EJ9 ? Or take it from a EJ2 ?
  8. Hi everyone. Everything's said in the title. I'd like to know if it's possible to mount a turbo on a d14a1. And if i can, how can i do it ? How mods do i have to made ? Thanks!
  9. what did you see first?

    The wheel fitment. Even my G/f don't understand why i'm more interested in the car than the girls.
  10. Civic or Jetta - can you tell the difference?

    You Got 10 out of 12 Questions Correct ... Hahaha
  11. EG9

    I think vtec as just kicked them
  12. Life Like Drawings

    x100000 I'm laughing so hard seeing the black girl dram
  13. Hmmmm thanks a lot man, but i don't think its me you saw :)

  14. Zombie film! Premiere photos page 6!

    Damn nice works! I love the zombis, good luck, im already a fan haha
  15. Hi from France

    In france, i'm leaving at the est of paris I've made a thread in built thread section