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  1. Post your turbo setup

    This at RDT dude saw it there blokes a legend
  2. motec m4 ecu

    Aem series 2
  3. 4x100 drag wheels

    Bit pointless we don't no what tyres ur using
  4. K20 turbo kits. Online Info

    Ring nortech
  5. Full race topmount or a racetech setup?

    Full race deffo. Or only other good place for manifolds is nortech
  6. h22 turbo

    Pay for what u get mids are the best but iron flanges be ok for ur power goal
  7. State your B18 Set up & Power

    B16 lol 491whp bw s256 stock block je pistons h beam rods stock head inlet etc. Now building b18c for 600+whp
  8. Turbo mapping

    Aem series 2 FTW
  9. Post your turbo setup

    B16 turbo 490whp
  10. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    I maybe there daz be good if I could if not be coming out mid next year at shakey
  11. Hondata = gay if u have a stock motor if ur running a nice boosted setup it's bloody epic. All I had was problems with chrome n chip software
  12. Roll Cages for EG Hatch.

    U know what they charge or have a number for them
  13. Roll Cages for EG Hatch.

    I'm entering drag series so needs to be 3mm Msa regs
  14. Roll Cages for EG Hatch.

    I need one 3mm though cant find one anywhere that one looks sweet aswell
  15. race dyno tuning

    another Ricky lie above u saying its a not a good turbo lol so what a proper garret gt35r is not good no lol and all he said was a top mount manifold t3 nothin bout position didn't even tell u what turbo lol anyway that's all I'm saying til the mani gets sent of for flow testing see what u think then have a nice day