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  1. Really annoying squeak on my ej!

    Had similar. Was ball joints
  2. My Iron man MK IV suit

    awsome... subscribed :-)
  3. Skunk2 lca

    Thanks mate
  4. Skunk2 lca

  5. Funny / Stupid pics

    Honda skyline yo
  6. RARB quick question.. ASAP please

    Sam by any chance do you know which bolts size fit dc2 droplinks into skunk2 lca?
  7. Skunk2 lca

    Soo my standrd ek4 droplinks wont fit.so I decided to go for dc2 arb with links..anyone know which bolt size will I need to fit dc2 droplinks into the skunk2 lca??? The holes in the lca are threaded.. thanks
  8. noise coming from engine

    Thanks guys!!!
  9. When I start the car ek4... can hear loud squeaking sounds coming from the belts area. .happens when idling cold...acceleration and sometimes when turning.. when I accelerate quickly the sound speeds up and disappears. .anyone know what this problem is and how to solve it?? Thanks
  10. anti roll bar fitment on asr?

    Ive fitted the skunk2 lca and asr.. only problem is droplinks wont fit in the skunk2 lca.. bolt on the link is tooo short and wont fit through the hole because its threaded.. what size bolts will I need to fit dc2 links??
  11. anti roll bar fitment on asr?

    Thanks guys for your replies..dc2 anti roll bar it is then..just looking at how the links will fit on to the skunk2 lca.. confused ha... the asr comes with the bolts etc for installation. . Think I will leave the lca for the garage to fit.
  12. anti roll bar fitment on asr?

    Thanks dan..
  13. Hi I drive a civic ek4 hacthback. ive ordered an asr brace and skunk2 lca.. was wondering will I need to upgrade the anti roll bar and links to fit on to the asr/lca.it has a standard 1 on already.will that be ok? ?? Thanks
  14. Funny / Stupid pics

  15. Anyone know any bodyshops around birmingham or walsall that can do a good job or recommend.reasonable price...thanks