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  1. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    cheers mate yer i ran in rwyb later just 2 runs tho your cars looks awesome!
  2. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    10.5@133mph 1.62 60ft b16a turbo civic first time we have run at santa pod and first time to use slicks only used them twice and both times in the tens
  3. TOTB

    think so mate thanks very much m8
  4. TOTB

    kiel did run a 11.2 he won the shoot out and fastest run of the day in a fwd class
  5. TOTB

    is any one wanting to make a team honda this year as we could sort something out?
  6. york raceway this sunday

    hey errol how you get on then? ive just booked up for totb this year are you in a team for it? also what car you running now?
  7. TOTB

    we going to if mapping at rickys goes well and yer got to beat the vauxhalls this year!