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  1. East Anglia Convoy To Mimms

    too be honest i dont no when it starts yet so early as possible really m8 :surrender
  2. East Anglia Convoy To Mimms

    im there defo what time and were as im coming from norwich m8?
  3. hey hey get some pics of the delsol on here

  4. hey bby hw u lol

  5. new to civic life

    hi everyone just gonna introduce myself my names shaun im 21 and live in norwich missed out on the cruising scene for last 2 years as didnt have the car for showing off i did have a veilside mr2 and a rallyed scooby but this crx im gettin tuesday is gna wipe the floor with nearly anyrthing i do enjoy givin a car the beans but when ive got 9000 rpm and a garret turbo under my control i think i mite be lil cautious for while lol hope to come to lots of your cruises and get to know you lot as my mate gave me the idea to go VTEC cya all soon