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  1. J's racing wing/fender

    I no a importer from over on ek9 forum where I sourced all my bits me I will pass details on
  2. Indeed I've always wanted to fish over in France for some monsters but dnt have a passport :s something I need to sort out
  3. They will be for sale I expect Thanks sandy only decent opinion
  4. Hi people These came in a car I broke a few months ago were told they were real but have had other inputs Done so much research on loads of forums and google its still hard to determine.. So I'm after input..please only say something if it's helpful... Both are exact same with bride graduation cushions.. They don't have any stickers (however after some research not all bride seats came with stickers) They have a bride tag on each side (made in Japan) They have black backs and are very light! I've seen so many different opinions so a few more wont go a miss so here's some bad & good points The qaulity of the fabric is mint also the stiching They are very very light..But strong They are very small (I'm 32" waist and fit very snug ) Japan seats have tendency to be small.. However some points that make this hard The cushions where the bride cut off is at the top runs over on 1 now I've read that this determines a fake but looking at other real brides this is also the same on them.. Also I've heard brides with a black back are fake? Unsure Wheather true or not? I've got some pictures if any1 needs more or could help me determine whether they are would be much appreciated thanks
  5. Anyone got a tablet with sim on contract?

    I bought my iPad out right and got a sim card out with 3 10gb a month for £15 I'm on my iPad constantly browsing eBay on here Facebook etc and I have not come close to 10gb The plus side of sim card is using it anywhere..which right this second I'm sat outside a shop waiting for my misses for my keys :s
  6. max RPM 5,500? problem, helpppp!

    What ecu are you running?
  7. Is it worth breaking?

    Only ever got caught once filling the Feul tanks and cars of water because I'd done 4 separate cars all that day which were brimmed of water and literally anything that was caught on the 4th car as he'd started drilling the tanks...he deducted me a 10er and always checks my tanks now as he nos me haha
  8. We have a new look!

    Deffinelty a lot better
  9. Miss It Already!

    At least it's still about... No doubt you was devastated looks majorly clean
  10. Miss It Already!

    Wow Jono do you still no if that cars around that is 1 very clean eg
  11. Onesie!?

    There not the best things to have on when your in desperate need of a shit trying to get it off in a hurry is a pain in the ass
  12. car sold and accidents

    Haha isit? So is the car still local then? Has he said what sort of damaged was caused etc?