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  1. Hello we love Civics

    There's a set of wilwoods in the FS section unless you want bigger haha
  2. Hello we love Civics

    Josh Lawtons running a similar sized wheel to you.      
  3. Conflicting oil change info everywhere

    Filters  can't go wrong with hamp or Honda but a filter is a filter really. high mileage you'd want something a little thicker than 5w30
  4. Conflicting oil change info everywhere

    I like to change mine yearly  if it's black it's gotta go in my opinion    good quality oil will obviously give better protection over cheaper grades , I use 5w40 fully syn motul stuff , depending on where you live it maybe too thin though.
  5. The Old Skool Class

  6. Hello we love Civics

    Get a thread up on it 
  7. Hello we love Civics

    Welcome  what colour you going ?
  8. Return of an old members

    Welcome back. Upload some pics of your cars past and present if you have any , interested in the " special r33 skyline "
  9. Eg3 cluster help!!

    Have you still got your old one ?  If you do see what the yellow plug would go into. Pretty sure it's for the SRS   
  10. New to civic life

    I wanted to start this winter but certain things are making that an issue right now. Only time will tell, I should have my b18 running properly next month so as long as the cars right I can wait I guess.
  11. New to civic life

    I'm in two minds atm, between the k24 from the accord and rotrex supercharger or k24 Frank so the ep3 head on the accord bottom end. I'm only thinking about doing the Frank because if stem seals being an issue with Hondas I'd like to get them done and if the heads coming off, why not put it on a bigger bottom end, that's my theory anyways.   Its all down to money at the end of the day as the supercharger kit ain't cheap as well as the k swap.
  12. EP2 losing oil - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    I believe the EP d series rocker gaskets are interchangeable . mines a B series so completely different , we haven't started yet because I'm getting a rocker cover refurbed with breather ports , so will be done when that's finished.
  13. New to civic life

    That's good, looked into a dc5 box ? They're LSD as standard . My piece of shit ej9 that's already ITR B18 swapped but 200ish hp isn't enough anymore , started to crave more plus the k tuned billet shifter is a work of art that I need in my life.
  14. New to civic life

    Ep3s always seem to have a 3rd gear crunch which makes me worry about the K swap I'm planning for mine, probably down to poor maintenance 
  15. norfolk newbie.

    Concertos are cool and pretty rare , what a shame