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  1. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !   this cringeyness LOL think it explains but yeah, drift button.
  2. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    It's electrics now, electric steering etc. The manufacturers claim they're producing drivers cars but how if it's all full of assists and computers controlling everything . Don't get me started on the drift button on the focus.
  3. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    @naDiel Yeah well, the people who work at JLR sites are the type to get a car on finance, usually the fiesta ST or some sort of german equivalent. MIssed shift in a car with no clutch ? I used to miss shift plenty because of my worn bushes lol, I did so when some guys in a vxr tried to overtake me at the lights in the wrong lane, I still beat them even though I missed second and I was struggling for proper grip, so they looked stupid and they probably thought the same as the people we are talking about, shitty R reg Honda will get beat by my turbod X plate car.   NO NO NO I haven't got my blinkers on or anything before someone says that, I don't even think my cars the fastest thing out there, I think, yes think I'm saying that our cars get looked down upon due to its age, same goes for stuff like starlet glanzas due to being a 1.3.
  4. B18c4 skunk2 intake

    Should be two under the tb The one off the inlet should be for the fitv.
  5. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    Someone hit a nerve haha But I couldn't of said it better.   Top of the range vs " old shitty Honda " What a comparison haha.  
  6. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    The, my cars newer and costs more than yours and it makes X amount of power , but usually it's the I've got the X plate car , but they fail to mention it's not theirs, it's actually the banks for the next 3-5 years or at all depending if finance or lease .
  7. EJ9 Wheel swap

    As far as I'm aware it's a straight swap including the air bag. Just make sure when swapping it out you disconnect the battery so you don't risk it going off in your face haha, or not so haha .
  8. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    My areas full of them that use it as a status kind of thing.
  9. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    Haha that's pretty good d14 ?  I thought my d14 was quick for what it was until a mk7 gtd shit on me  I wish I could find him now it's b swapped, typical how I would see him every morning when I had the slow power plant in then when it was b swapped I never saw him for a rematch
  10. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    I'd only want the flappy shit in a supercar , not a hatchback .
  11. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    And comfort but who needs comfort ?  Oh and those flappy gear boxes , and the computerised bangs on gear changes which piss me right off.   mine edged an m135 all the way to 100 then we had to stop, he would of passed me after that more than likely but for a car with that much power surely I shouldn't of beat it haha. Mines not even running at its full potential , that was my proudest moment of owning a shit box civic lol. Now I've just concluded, I don't want to sell it anymore, let's get it fixed.
  12. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    Did consider one as a daily, they're like £800 ish for a good one. But thirsty obviously so wouldn't of made much better of a daily cost wise.
  13. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    They do say you'll always end up back in a Honda lol. if I was to leave the Honda or get another car it'll have to be a big bodied jap like a 1jz soarer or if I could afford it, a jzx100 chaser.  
  14. Advise for everyone don't buy VW ever !

    Dc2 would definitely have it in a straight line and demolish it in the corners. My b18 EK which isn't even running to its full potential passed and pulled in an s3 which is pretty much identical to one of these. I think it's the torque that makes it feel fast , but it's only there until around 3k ain't it ?  I've used a TDI mk7 before and it felt fast but look down and you aren't actually going anywhere lol.   toys are good but I'm not into the gadgets just yet, rather have a drivers car but that's just me, I prefer a car that can go fast round corners than just in a straight line too.