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  1. kyron added a post in a topic new civic type r   

    all im seeing on facebook is 30 year olds doing the finance option on these things. After paying off the finance and last initial payment arent you paying £7k ontop of cost price ?
    I'm not all impressed with it but thats just me, still prefer the older Hondas, I do like the interior though.
    I just cant wait for the Americans to get hold of these and drop the engine in an EG/EK/DC2, wont be for another few years but will be something special.
    Maybe i'll change my mind about the car if seen in person but until then, I dont like.
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  2. kyron added a post in a topic One of those what car threads   

    I have thought about the accords actually 
    and it is on the list 
    Also scirocco came to my head too, but I'm not exactly a big fan 
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  3. kyron added a post in a topic One of those what car threads   

    Just had a random search on eBay and saw 2007 320ds are in the price range however accident repaired or in Birmingham with Disney usernames lol 
    lexus diesel I looked at but don't appeal to me 
    I don't think much has an interior as good as the civic so far , if the exterior weren't so ugly I'd definitely buy myself one , and looking at it , apparently gets around 45mpg which ain't brilliant 
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  4. kyron added a post in a topic One of those what car threads   

    see with golfs, Ive had a mk7 tdi and thought it was a little dated for the age
    5series seem a good choice, may look into them
    dont really need a big car as its just for work and commuting
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  5. kyron added a post in a topic One of those what car threads   

    Doesn't have to be jap at all, obviously I'll stay away from the French and fiats definitely.
    dont want to spend money fixing just maintaining .
    i don't think the beemas in the price range are as well equipped or I'm looking at the wrong ones 
    I need stuff like built in sat nav and extras but maybe I'm punching above my budget asking that ?
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  6. kyron added a topic in Lounge - SPONSORED BY TEGIWA IMPORTS   

    One of those what car threads
    Simple first post 
    need to be Eco so diesel maybe 
    needs a nice interior 
    cheap to run including insurance and tax 
    reliable obviously 
    think I'd like something new too so around 2006 onwards 
    5kish to spend can stretch here and there 
    my only option so far is the diesel fn shape 2.2 type S GT , WHY ? the interior is brilliant and that's all it has going for it haha 
    what else could I buy with an interior that is just as good but is a better looking car on the outside and is reliable ?
    this will either be temp while I get my EK finally sorted , may also turn into the winter whip 
    opinions ..
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  7. kyron added a topic in Interior / Audio / Electronics   

    I'm thinking about having my complete front half my interior flocked, so dash, door cards, upper and lower plastics
    so for some inspiration show me your flocked interiors
    I have plans, its not going to be completely flocked so it breaks it up a little but id like to see ek interiors with them
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  8. kyron added a post in a topic The Old Skool Class   

    That is old skool status being on Yahoo discussion

    I was only on hondacivicforum before this
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  9. kyron added a post in a topic The Old Skool Class   

    I'm neither old skool nor new skool
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  10. kyron added a post in a topic Beaks bar ej9/ek   

    Who told you this ?
    They fit straight in as long as you're not running a subframe brace then you need extended lca bolts
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  11. kyron added a post in a topic Muteki Wheel Nuts - Where From?   

    Pm woodoo on here or eternalimports on .he has genuine ones stocked at a very good price
    Also has the locking nuts available too
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  12. kyron added a post in a topic How to make exhaust pop and bang?   

    You on the facebook pages at all ?
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  13. kyron added a post in a topic How to make exhaust pop and bang?   

    Bubble gum in the backbox
    Make sure it's the good quality bubble gum
    Cheaper versions won't last as long, then you'll have to buy again, term known as buy cheap buy twice.

    Hope this helps
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  14. kyron added a post in a topic What have you done since the site went down?   

    Bought shit loads of parts off H tune
    Bought a daily ej9
    Selling the daily ej9
    Finally got the payout from the lorry
    Holiday to Cyprus next week
    Decided I want to make a Porsche out of a civic

    Standard shit
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