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  1. Battery boot relocate

    Ain't it 4 gauge ? wire from the fuse box to the battery in the boot , ground off in the boot somewhere.   i think anyways, I'll know when I do mine , if I do mine.
  2. B16a2 running badly! Please help

    A friend of mine had something similar to this on one of his customers cars, turned out to be the ecu, swapped the ecu to a known working one and solved the issue, opened up his ecu and one of the solders from the chip broke off.
  3. Yeah I'm going to fix the leaks and put in my usual Motul 5w40  switching up to V power next, I'll just leave the additives and cleaners, looking into having my injectors flow tested and cleaned but no idea who does it just yet.   with the oils, I've been told to use some cheap oil , run it for about an hour, quick blast and drop it out and fill up with my good stuff which should in theory pick up all the shit.
  4. I'm about to put the car through a service since its overdue one, was wondering if its worth buying some of this stuff before I drop the oil, fuel filter etc. I'm going to change my fuel to V power after the service as well. Reason why I ask: - I'm going to change my fuel to V power after the service. - The oil that's in it is a mix because I have a leak somewhere ( possibly sump and rocker gaskets ) so was topped up with different grades. If they do actually work which is a good option to pick ? Also may look into injector flow test and clean while i'm at it so if anyone could point me in the right direction for that also I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks   that_civic, A moment ago Edit
  5. Whats the going rate on these nowadays

    True but there's always someone looking for parts to do their big brake swap. Just one sides sticking, think its the left side. I was thinking more along the lines of £50- £60 due to the condition but i'll see, I gave the mb6 ones away because nobody wanted them haha.
  6. Whats the going rate on these nowadays

    Nobody know ?
  7. Nissin 262 rear calipers and carriers off an ek9/dc2 Condition wise needs new slider pins as ones a tad sticky.   I haven't seen any pop up recently to know the going rate.     Thanks
  8. Cameras

    I'm back again because it's getting close to her birthday.   ive found the a Canon EOS700D on SLRhut for a great price with all this random stuff she won't ever use but good to just have.  Im looking at others in the same region, and they all seem to be the same to me, Nikon have a better image quality at 24mp opposed to the canons 18mp. I have no clue about photography so is that even noticeable as it is very high quality compared to my phone and GOPRO. Also Nikon are cheaper than Canon.   for a beginner who will be getting into photography what are my main points to look for, I read the nikons are slow at focus sing compared to canon, canon have better features and the lcd screen is easier to use and that's about it.  
  9. The fox man

    I have no idea, but my god that thread was too funny. befriending a fox LOL
  10. The fox man

    I can't for the life of me remember his name but this reminded me of the thread. Hopefully the link works
  11. Help, K series

    This could get fun, the thermostat housing can't come off due to the rounded bolts hence why I'm going for the one that's connected to it haha, I will assume that is the water pump housing.  Can only see one bolt the circled one that connects to the housing I want to pull off.  Ill just pry it off if it doesn't work I'll just pay for the removal of the thermostat bolts and buy some new silicone I guess.
  12. Help, K series

      So, 12mm bolt out, pry the complete housing off and wobble it about until it comes off ?  Is there a seal I need to be careful about on the water pipe ? and is it reverse procedure for fitting it back together ?    Thanks 
  13. Help, K series

    Hi, need some advice, ideally off those who've worked on a K series. I'm trying to get the thermostat off but the bolts are rounded. I found a 12mm (circled red) that connects to the plastic attached to the thermostat (circled blue)  I attempted to take it off initially and noticed its stuck on by silicone however there is a hose and a hard pipe (circled yellow) how does the hard pipe come off and can it come off ? If it does this will make life easier for me than having to pay someone to get the bolts out. Thanks 
  14. Hi,   I have dc2 282s upfront but are looking like they need a rebuild as they're sticking, so thought why not upgrade again since I'll eventually be going for a rotrex k20 so best to upgrade before then. Yes the integra calipers are more than capable and a good pad will stop easily enough in a light chassis etc etc but like I said they'll need rebuilding so want to see what other options I have.   So far I know to keep my disc size I have prelude/legend twin pots and spoons.    If I go for the twin pots, do I aid in better braking, how easy is the swap , can I re use the brake lines I'm currently running ?    From what I've read spoons are a straight swap, but I can't justify paying the price on spoons.     Any advice, ideas tips and tricks will be much appreciated.
  15. Where can i buy this specific fuse

    Parts, I was going to give him the part no. and he cut me out and just asked for the reg and my name, never took the part number and said i'll get a call later. Bought it from Tegiwa instead of looking around, I asked a breaker on ebay, £90 LOL