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  1. The Old Skool Class

  2. What's the price ?  Im in need of a remap so  if I can get mine road worthy in time I could be very interested.
  3. Only way you can check the seal is having a jet wash go over it and then just watch to see if puddles appear 
  4. Doesn't have to be from what I've came across, no harm in having a fiddly around checking if it's wet.   Take that how you want to 
  5. Common problems are, heater matrix or sunroof drain.
  6. EK3 B18 C4 conversion - engine mounts

    Sure all eks are 3 post just check how many bolts yours has. can get them off an ek4/ek9 if you're not going aftermarket. 
  7. My EJ sunroof!

    Knew it would be aftermarket. Does look sort of similar to the one in that other civic I had that I mentioned.
  8. B18c4 ek3 issues :(

    Out of curiosity when you swapped the dizzy did you time it up correctly ?   
  9. My EJ sunroof!

    Was hoping to see it from the outside but my prediction is it's a DIY attempt with a universal kit, I bought a car with a universal one last year but didn't check under the roof lining but you could tell it wasn't a factory option by just looking at it.
  10. EK4 half cut rear bumper

    In my opinion I don't think it would be , some police do stop cars if there's a lot of poke but depends how relaxed the police are in your area, my area is pretty okay with modified cars as long as you're not "cruising" as they say as we have an injunction in place now for more than two modified cars driving with each other lol.   All I can say is don't give them an excuse to stop you and you'll be fine.
  11. Cam cover fitting welding

    Message Dan Hunt on Facebook he can do it for £60 with fittings supplied and wrinkle paint if that's of any interest to you.
  12. Cam cover fitting welding

    Where are you ?
  13. Newbie with a white ej

    Looks good, stickers not for me but each to their own. C4  swap is so boring and overdone in my opinion. I'd go H swap since the h22s can be bought for little money and make great power and torque. You could also look into h2b, h22 with an LSD n series box, ideally the s80 4.7 FD for the short ratios.
  14. Newbie

    Welcome, not bad. get a build up if you're planning to project it. The d series are gutless though haha, what swap you thinking ?
  15. get a spoon rep backbox if you want something that sounds decent but not too loud. or get a custom system made up, depending where you go you can get a system done for around 250 that will fit properly if the person fitting is good.  Do not get an eBay brand one, they sound horrible, look shit and fit terrible.