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  1. What is this wishbone bush called?

    Just a lower wishbone bush.
  2. Don't know if @puddin still has his genuine polished ASR and black works lcas if not
  3. Civic Jordan - B16B

    Check timing and do a compression test First. Are you using the correct ecu for the engine ? They are torque less engines , only fast in vtec just to its small displacement but if you're saying your old b16 felt faster which is around 30hp less than the b16b then something must be wrong, I doubt the cracked HT lead would cause a drastic power drop, probably a slight misfire occasionally.   also was the engine purchased off a reputable person ? If not I'd take the rocker cover off and identify the cams , since ek9 cams are sought after I wouldn't be surprised if they've been swapped out.  From memory ek9 cams have 2 rings on the end. Believe compression should be around 250psi or higher but don't quote me on that.
  4. Vtec intermittent

    Oil levels and the vtec solenoid would be the first places to check since that's what controls it so to speak.
  5. Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Don't go black works racing, mine failed after 2 weeks and wouldn't hold pressure so went back to oem.
  6. Pulls hard , turns heads, FAST

    someone ask him how fast and how hard it pulls , I'm curious but don't want to entertain him thinking he has interest lol.
  7. Pulls hard , turns heads, FAST   I beg to differ. This person has obviously never driven anything with over 90bhp if he thinks a standard d14 pulls and is fast     
  8. Hello we love Civics

    There's a set of wilwoods in the FS section unless you want bigger haha
  9. Hello we love Civics

    Josh Lawtons running a similar sized wheel to you.      
  10. Conflicting oil change info everywhere

    Filters  can't go wrong with hamp or Honda but a filter is a filter really. high mileage you'd want something a little thicker than 5w30
  11. Conflicting oil change info everywhere

    I like to change mine yearly  if it's black it's gotta go in my opinion    good quality oil will obviously give better protection over cheaper grades , I use 5w40 fully syn motul stuff , depending on where you live it maybe too thin though.
  12. The Old Skool Class

  13. Hello we love Civics

    Get a thread up on it 
  14. Hello we love Civics

    Welcome  what colour you going ?
  15. Return of an old members

    Welcome back. Upload some pics of your cars past and present if you have any , interested in the " special r33 skyline "