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  1. It's Oh So Quiet...

    All these active users but no content  DAFUQ
  2. Ep3 type r tapping please help

    I'd check the timing incase it's jumped and bent some valves, the chains on these are notorious for stretching and knocking the timing out. Might not be that but still no harm in checking . Does sound too loud for valve clearances , the lost motion assembly is also a factor.
  3. Most Irish Car advert EVER

    What the actual fuck just happened.
  4. EK3 Project - Murdering my EK

    This needs to be in the build up section  murdered out looks good but can look tacky if done wrong, looks good as it is so far.
  5. 282 upgrade scenario problem

    x2 on bled properly, I had all my lines changed for a 40/40 prop as well as doing the 282/262 swap, took 3 sessions of bleeding and a lot of hard braking to get all the air out, first we thought the servo was fucked but it eventually improved over time.
  6. B16 turbo Ecu choice?

    It depends on the setup already on the ECU , if you book in with your tuner, 9/10 times they will send you over a basemap just to get you down to them so you wont cause any damage, I wouldn't run someone elses map on my setup because it will cause some sort of damage especially when talking about boost, n/a is easier to get away with unless we're talking built/high comp. So if you do get a used one, try get a basemap to get you running, I think a new one wont have any map on it or it may come with a basemap but I cant comment on that as I bought mine used.
  7. Engine Torque Damper fitting

    Depending on which car, usually fit differently. My Twgiwa B series one mounts under the engine mount and to the chassis shock tower.   B series: 2 holes to go under the mount  1 hole to go under the bolt on the chassis shock tower , that holds the camber arm in place so I'd recommend cutting a notch out so you can slide it under, that's what someone has done with mine.      
  8. B16 turbo Ecu choice?

    You can download base maps but would be easier just to use the ecu for the engine at first. I've known some tuners to lock access to the ecu so you can't change anything without the proper software so can be a ball ache if you come across that. I know mines locked so when Romain comes to remap mine he's going to have fun before it's even started lol.
  9. B16 turbo Ecu choice?

    Hondata due to having more features for the mapper to mess with to get the best out of it.
  10.   I decided to do this since I had the bulbs and bulb holders on me, cost me around £12 all in all and about an hour messing around, good little modification that's pretty popular nowadays. Make sure you do this when the weather is good and don't get caught in the rain like I did.   Parts: - Dual filament bulbs holder - Dual filament indicator/sidelight bulb - Spade connectors Equipment: - Wire cutters - Electrical tape - Crimpers / pliers - Screw drivers
  11. Worthwhile EG upgrades?

    Depending on what brakes you already have you don't really need to hub swap, if you have 262s up front already you can buy the following : MG ZR/ZS 282 front disks  EK9 MB6 DC2 calipers and carriers  That will sort you out with a bigger fromt brake upgrade while staying in the 4x100 stud pattern so you don't have to start lookin for other wheels.   If you haven't got disks on the back you can opt for an eg6 rear trailing arm including handbrake cables  MG ZR/ZS 262 disks  DC2/EK9 calipers and carriers , MB6 carriers won't line up so don't use these 1" Master cylinder and servo taken from either the DC2 EK9 or MB6 If you want to spend the extra, Wilwood have a nice kit that can be bought brand new, cheaper than buying the likes of Spoon , you can get them in the 282 size or larger, 282s are around £600 brand new and come with pads too, I'm looking st getting some of these eventually. In terms of subframe swap, not sure why you'd go for the MB6, not looked into it myself but all I know it has a wider track which can be an advantage but why not go for an ITR subframe and steering rack, that way you have larger arbs, it's a direct fit to the eg also you have a quicker lock to lock ratio on the steering rack.   Trying to think of other stuff, I'm sure you already know you need some sort of a brace on the rear subframe when fitting a larger arb to prevent the subframe tearing, reps are fine for this because it's only a lump of metal spreading the load out.  Poly bushing is a good upgrade but can be rough for daily driving, energy hardened rubber is more forgiving and have a kit that can be bought, don't poly bush the rear trailing arm,mtheyre energy bush is okay as it's not as stiff as other bushes, you need some sort of movement in the rear arm.   I could probably go on haha , but if there's anything you're unsure about just ask, I'm only going off what I know but there are people with more experience than me, check out some of the older build threads, there used to be a lot of great in depth builds years ago, richs black eg6 is something you should look at , that's a great example of what you can do to an eg to make it handle brilliantly.
  12. Worthwhile EG upgrades?

    All depends how far you want to go, plans for the car and how much you want to spend. First really is good quality suspension if that's spring and dampers or full coilovers, bushes could be passed it now so re bush and brake upgrades wouldn't go a miss, usually a decent set of pads, disks and new fluid will do you well.   So much you can do its just like I said , how far you're willing to go and how much you're willing to spend. 
  13. Best gearbox for b16as turbo.. 250-300hp

    If acceleration , s80 with the 4.7 FD , even shorter will be that box with the 1996 dc2 4th and 5th gears 
  14. For the breakers on here

      If any of the breakers on here get this car in , message me because I'm desperate for the skirts and front lip , the cars been passed around 3 owners within 2 weeks so think it's only fit to break.