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  1. *** South Mimms Honda Meet Part One 2012 ***

    1. Jor-don 2. ShuthanVtec 3. Turkish 4. honda luke 5. SimonFlush 6. Mattharvey12 7. Pursey 8. Ash-31 09. BassKicksDan 10. Ramz007 11. nc26 12. Tec-Ninja 13. Rbz. 14. J-man84 15. smash 16. Shawthing001 17. Darkhaw 18. toby87 19. Civboy 20. Ramesh 21. Jimsworthy 22. chelt scene 23. coupeciviclsi 24. Rustbucket & the missus 25. B18coupe 26. bigscott 27. kyron 28. Travis 29. Largie 30. JDMLJ 31. jackgardner 32. samboep2 33. jdmek4sir 34. bruno26 35. Darkhawk 36. Liam-Jordan281 37. DanT 38. delsol1989 39. ep-dre 40. takumi 41. sh1z 42. Civic92 43. aerodeck civic and missus 44. wingxx and the ball and chain 45. Burgess- Satin EP3 46. Listerofsmeg 47. furiousfunker 48. EK4chris and few friends in car. 49. Chinglish and his Tango 50. offit-24-7 51. Snowseph 52. Dj-syco 53. Vteccc 54. MattieEJ9
  2. B18c4 in to ej9

    Ok mate ill check it out
  3. B18c4 in to ej9

    ive put a build up on the site it 'ej9 over the last year' its not very gd but its got some pics of my motor and things that i have done ill have a go at improving it tomorrow after i finish work
  4. B18c4 in to ej9

    ok thanks ill get an ecu and send it to h tune, how do i wire in the vtec? thanks every1 for ur help its made it alot clearer im getting my pics up together and ill do a build up
  5. B18c4 in to ej9

    I found out tht h tuned can chip the p28 ecu for around 40 quid so ill do tht
  6. B18c4 in to ej9

    Ok mate how do u get the basemap do i need to take it to a tuner?
  7. B18c4 in to ej9

    I have the key, barrel, ecu, and transponder for the p9k i wanna gunna just fit that, what would be best? Yea i got some pic from before and after so ill do a build up and put it on here
  8. B18c4 in to ej9

    How do i get the p9k ecu unimmobized?
  9. B18c4 in to ej9

    Yea ill be changin the barrel and transponder aswell lol
  10. B18c4 in to ej9

    Brilliant thanks very much for ur help i can orders the parts and get crackin lol woop woop
  11. B18c4 in to ej9

    Yea 97 mate
  12. B18c4 in to ej9

    Hi people, just wonderin if any1 can help me with my conversion, what obd loom and harness do i need to run a b18c4 in a ej9 with the mb6 ecu p9k. If any1 can help me it would be really appreciated Thanks guys
  13. b18c4 conversion

    hi every1 im havin a little trouble finding an engine mount for my engine conv. all i need is a bracket but i cant find 1 anywhere just wondered if any1 know where i can get 1 ill put a picture up as well to show u wat i need. i also need part of the loom that runs from the engine loom plugs to the ecu i have a p9k ecu which came out of the same mb6 as the engine came from, but the loom finishes by the inlet.
  14. EJ9 revs 20 2500 then drops to 1000 and repeat

    I had tht problem mate i found tht it was a grub screw on the Other side of the throttle position sensor that was holding the throttle open just a bit and the idle control kept tryin to correct it, hence the idle problem lol try unscrewin it by half a turn and see if it fixs the prob mate
  15. Hi every1 i was wondering if any1 could help me i wanted to no where i could get a higher air flow intake manifold from and if the was another TB i could fit on it for further power gain Thanks guys