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  1. Running lumpy on idle b series

    Tps sensor?? How would I recalibrate it?
  2. Running lumpy on idle b series

    Checked all hoses, how would I go about cleaning iacv?
  3. Running lumpy on idle b series

    Fuel was drained and replaced before initial start up, used redex injector cleaner an taken it up n down the motorway to flush it all thru and still nothing Checked all clips and hoses and nothing is loose or split, checked plugs and leads all perfect and plugs are gapped correctly even compression tested it and thats all perfect too! Dont really want to start buying and changeing sensors but im not sure what else to do
  4. If its not one thing its another..   just been rebuilt b16a2 ran perfectly fine even took it round the block and was all ok then few days later went back to it and was like this? at first i thought i ran it low on fuel so changed fuel filter n plugs (again) yet still the same,   if i hold the revs anything above idle it runs fine but if i rev it and let off it cuts out compleatly, sounds almost like theres a slight misfire on idle? it hunts between 750 and 1200rpm   was told to check for air leaks so did the old spray of wd40 here n there to listen for a change in engine tone as it would suck in thru a split/disconnected hose   aaaand still nothing     was just geting it all ready for the 1st of next month as its all taxed and insured from then n its been off the road for 8 months and now this, kill me now!   Any ideas?
  5. Problem fitting asr on ek

    that figures, confused as to how it bolts on tho? the bracket i mean..   well just oderd an asr one, gone balls out with everything else so far so no point messing about     now just to wait till the 1st to rack up some miles on the fresh engine then off for 12psi of booooost   really need to make a build thread soon
  6. Problem fitting asr on ek

    Exactly that!! looks like ill just get the new arb now then, plan was brace first then later on get the arb rather than the other way around   much benifit of an asr arb over an integra anyone know?   and still not sure what the other piece is for, behind the brace for arb im guessing..
  7. Had search on here and googled it and couldnt find an answer, i know there simple but i just cant work it out   went to attack the car n fit the asr brace today and lined it up and put the long bolts through the lca's the tightened them up   but..   cant for the life of me figure out how to bolt my arb to it? its a standard arb on a vti but i just cant work it out   ive looked for pics or anything that will help but cant seem to find anythin   any help would be great as its back on the road from the 1st
  8. body found within 2 minute walk of my house.

    10 mins away from both these places in cosham and there always shit going around here and because ive got the loud car all the old grannys think im up to no good
  9. Bigg Red

    Got a seal kit off them a while ago and they were more than helpfull, even phoned up a few weeks later to check everything was perfect!
  10. Fleet Services to Mimms 10th June!

    i would join this again but last time it was a mess, ended up following people and getting lost! fuck that for a laugh again
  11. Serious brake problem! Help!

    Used the same kind of thing at work, only difference was the one I used was on an air line As for the clear bottle, done that too and still nothing Fuck my actual life
  12. Serious brake problem! Help!

    Tried that, when everything is done up and tight and I pump the pedal I can hear air coming out, is there a specific way to bleed the abs unit?! Anyone?
  13. Hopeing someone can shed some light onto the large problems i came into today Well to start off all of this is on a Ek4 i decided i wanted to change all the brakes, new pads and drilled and grooved dics's all round as well as braided lines in the end we ran out of time so all we had done was rear discs and pads and braided lines all round, we then began bleeding the system started with passenger rear, then drivers rear, passenger front and finaly drivers front Still after all of this with ignition off it built up some pressure but when ignition was on it went straight to the floor with ease So we then did it all again but for longer and then also repeted this with one of the bottles that attach to an air line so it sucks all the air out still nothing changed the lines back to originals just incase and still nothing then swapped the master with the one on my other car..nothing after then bleeding the abs, master cylinder, prop valve and all corners again still nothing!! so now my car is stuck at work on a ramp and the boss is guna go nuts on monday morning, brilliant! fuck my actualy life if anyone can help or suggest anything it would be muchly appretiated :frustrate
  14. Fleet Services to Mimms

    haha so it was you! did the like the mimming of is that a 1.4 lol
  15. Fleet Services to Mimms

    Try not to laugh at the primer'd ek on black fans!