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  1. Update or stay

    Speak to mr scott on here he has the quickest all motor b20 record i think have a chat with him. 
  2. B18cr 230hp

    Skunk2 do a complete package deal or used to not too sure now. tegiwa stock skunk2 parts give them a try
  3. B18cr 230hp

    Head work mate
  4. Engine swap help

    Why not just put a b series in or something
  5. Hondata

    Cpl sell them for 370 if i remember correctly
  6. Somebody sell me their EG6!

    Lol. U cant sell a car like that geez, U need 250 posts before u can sell not 1 bud
  7. Weekly shopping list for a body builder?

    Back in the day mate they had none of the macro stuff, not saying that eating crappy food is better did u not see my first post, i had a mate come train with me weighing 61kg by 3 months he was weighing 68kg all he done was follow my eating but tweeked the amount. Dude looked good but then gave up training. I started a bulking phrase lasted 8 weeks weighing 15.11 and now weighing 16.8 carrying fat and abit of water but that will be sorted as cutting now. I dont weigh the fat carbs out per meal, do it as an overall daily intake.
  8. Weekly shopping list for a body builder?

    Marcos all that shit is pointless i think, wanna get big eat big lol.
  9. Weekly shopping list for a body builder?

    Chickens chicken mate. Dont get protein or weight gain shakes they're just a con. U grow much better with food that that crap. This is what i do for bulking: 2 packs of super noodles, 2 tins of tuna. Twice a day. 200g of chicken 2 cups of rice. Veg sometimes not very often though. 6 scrambled eggs, and pack of bacon.
  10. Or why not do a h2b swap best of both worlds and far better than just a b series. Welcome btw lol
  11. Wow really that many, think I may have to buy my old one back then
  12. What have you done since the site went down?

    Got hit up the arse from a bus, 4 weeks off work, only been back for 2 weeks. Big plans this year for build
  13. Welcome back...

    About time lol, Hi guys
  14. hi new from essex 1.4ej9 just purchased

    Welcome mate also fom essex shitty colchester lol
  15. 2.2 vtec into 1.5 lsi ej

    H22 will go in there mate. Do some research into it.