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  1. Congratulations Kadir!

    Massive congratulations Kadir! 
  2. What have you done since the site went down?

    bought a jaguar s type moved back in with my nan broke the civic argued with my brother went to partys got intoxicated had a hair cut done some silly shit done some sensible stuff. went to a mates wedding gave up on hondas
  3. Not made it to mimms. Hole in the block and it caught fire. fml.

    1. ben bury

      ben bury

      wtf honestly man feel for ya

    2. dhdavectr


      oh well

    3. smithy


      That sucks. One of my rear shocks burst on the way home

  4. Mimms Track Day 2015

    I'll be in the show an shine bit XD my cars too low, slow, shit and loud for track... 
  5. Steering wheels

    I've had a 280mm steering wheel and it was bloody awesome! 
  6. Thank you..

    A donation a day keeps the tax man away. 
  7. ek facelift to pre facelift

    mega easy mate, I did preface to facelift last week, by myself, in the dark.   bonnet, wings, bumper, headlights. job done. 
  8. I think I may just give up . more stupidity added.

    I just like the guy whos called Dick. 
  9. newbie from chelmsford

    looks pretty tidy! 
  10. new civic type r

    I guess I'm one of a few people who actually likes the rear?    I'd have one of these in a heartbeat. 
  11. oh gosh. the cars painted. ish. check it out ladies an gents!

  12. facelift swap - done.

    1. naDiel


      To do:

      1. Fit the bodykit.

      2. Upload pics on civiclife


    2. Vishal Rhodes
  13. Japfest...

    If civiclife doesnt have a stand... who the hell am I going to go with??!?! 
  14. all parts for my facelift swap collected. next weekend fit everything and my body kit. yay.

  15. ahhh mannn.... curfew sucks.    I know I said it last year, but I fully plan on chilling out more than the last time 2 times.    Also, I may just be there for the saturday/sunday due to work.