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  1. I think I've had a similar experience.   Mrs got hit on a roundabout, not her fault, driver admitted fault at the scene, had a witness.  We are only third party fire & theft.  So our insurance co. weren't too interested, we contacted third party insurance co, who started to mess us about, saying their client hadn't admitted fault.  Got back in touch with my insurance co. to ask advice, they said we had legal cover and would put us in touch with a solicitor.  A company called Brokers Direct called us, said they felt we would win the case, but if we didn't we'd be liable for their costs.  We went for it.  They sent guy round to assess the car, valued it at £1067.  We still got mucked about by third party ins. co. and eventually made a complaint against them.  Waited 8 weeks then Brokers Direct called and said they'd got my cheque of £1012, plus I got the car back!  Result.  If I had fought them on my own, no doubt would have only got a few hundred quid back.  Sold car on for £300, in total ended up £500 in profit from when I bought the car!
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    My 1989 Civic GL - 27,000! Lol.  Bought with 23,032 on the clock.