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  1. FN2 Type r Gearbox issue

    Hi Guys,   One of my mates has an FN2 Type R and on a recent trip to the ring' the car decided it wouldn't downshift into 2nd or 3rd. you can up shift fine and the car drives fine. just with this issue.   any ideas on what it could be?   Cheers
  2. when i did it i didnt use any lacquer just make sure the car is clean and sanded first, also dont wax it it doesnt work, and polish...dont even try it haha
  3. B16 Crank Pulley Size

    Hi Guys, What size is needed for the crank pulley holder on a b16a2? Ive found a 45mm one but someone said that b16a2's are 50mm? thanks in advance
  4. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    ah i see haha, whats the best one to go for?
  5. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    Daz at endless tuned it, i dont have a bleed nipple on mine its 'burp' bleed. does anyone know if the TEGIWANK rads any good?/comes with a new rad cap?
  6. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    right ive had a look again yesterday after i gave it a little bit of boost and has literally sprayed coolant all over the bonnet and inner wings on the rad side of the engine. ive had a look and i cant find any leaks :/ i could only think that it blows out the top of the expansion tank? what would cause this?
  7. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    It's a standard em1 rad I believe I'm going to buy an alloy one and see what happens I don't think I can fit a full width one in Jono my turbos in the way
  8. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    It's 8 psi stock internals it's just had a new head gasket so I hope it's not that it's got arp head studs so it shouldn't be head lift, I've re bled the system a few times as I've changed all the hoses to samco and Daz and endless tuned it
  9. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    It's an oil cooled turbo
  10. B16 Turbo Rad issues?

    Hi Guys, Ive got my B16 turbo'd its running a stock rad/fan, it runs fine in traffic all the time never heats up but when you starting giving it some in 3/4/5 the water temp gauge goes up pretty quick? I assume this is the rad not work to an efficient enough level could this be fixed with an alloy rad as the intercooler is right across the grill and should i find a way to get more air to the rad once i change it or should this solve the issue?
  11. Skvnger's EM1 on Barryboys....

    thats what pissed me off about it, the fact that they do all these checks on your car
  12. Im after a hardcore daily for trackdays.

    this every track day ive been on with a caterham etc style car has been super quick not that fast in a straight but round the corners there amazing
  13. Bristol meet, 11th Aug!

    il be down if its on the 11th,hope fully the weathers sorted its self out by then
  14. trax 2012

    im up for going always a pretty good day