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  1. Shoulders...   Haz my back kills today too haha smashed it last night
  2. weight loss advice please

    Exactly as above, you don't really need to do excersize to loose weight, its just a catalyst .   Eat in a calorific deficit and you're golden, I workout now because I enjoy it, I havent ran for a while because I'm trying to put weight on, but that releases all kinds of endorphines making you feel amazing.. it might not be your cup of tea so just do the diet side.   I would calorie count for a week and weigh yourself, keep doing this adjusting your daily calories and once you know how many calories you need to stay the same weight week in week out then take this number and minus around 300, if your deficit is too high you will lose weight quicker, but will look like shit, and feel like shit too, its not healthy so dont do it.   Its a slow process and WILL take a long time if you do it right, but its worth it.   40/40/20 seems like a good carbs / protein / fats ratio when you're trying to drop weight.. fuck no carbs that's horrendous - remember these give you energy, so don't demonize any macronutrient, theyre all important, fats will help control your hormones too so don't go all low fat like some 90's dieting fool.   Oh and I don't profess to be any kind of guru, but as with probably alot of people on here i've been in the same situation.   GL guys        Dan
  3. Polybushing

    There we go haha
  4. Best wheel size

    they are Federal 595 RSR's in 205/50 - Pic for reference:     Dan
  5. Polybushing

    Good choice on the Hardrace, The only bushes I wouldnt swap are the rear anti rollbar (seem to remember these having a negative effect??) someone will no doubt correct me!   Dan
  6. Best wheel size

    them wheels should fit sweet! mine are 15x8 ET36 and they are pretty flush with the arches, although I have some hench tyres on there 
  7. Cheapest way to get 300 bhp?

    yeah stock everything bolt on a turbo and map it
  8. Cheapest way to get 300 bhp?

    bolt on turbo kit and get it tuned.. wham bam strawberry jam...   although, what is the whole thing with getting '300bhp'? surely it doesnt really matter what the power is as long as its fun to drive?
  9. £60 fine

    Problem is people tend to stick a set of coilovers on, no alignment, big exhaust then neglect to look after the actual important stuff on their car like tyres.. Which are probably melting because of the alignment lol (been there done that) I would be all over people in modified cars like a rash, especially with the amount of bodging which goes on with half the Barry wagons.
  10. Looping Power Steering

    I couldn't get them off with a regular spanner as they were stupid tight. I ended up cutting the hard line and getting a socket on there.
  11. Wiring up alternator

    Endless Horizon or Bolts Bolts or Reidy Racing sell the clutch lines on here.. All very good companies to deal with Glad your sorted buddy
  12. Wiring up alternator

    You should have two of them booted connectors, one goes to the alternator and one to the starter motor both connect to the battery bud
  13. S4c or s80 on a b20 vtec

    well, its good fun, bet you cant wait!   just gonna go down to DNR get it all checked over in the next few weeks!   Dan
  14. S4c or s80 on a b20 vtec

    Good lad, i have the 4.7 s80 and its awesome, will be perfect for you buddy
  15. japfest 2**meeting point**

    1. andycivicmarlin 2. howard dowell (s14-driftworks) 3. alex williams (legacy owners) 4. aimee lovett 5. rob chester (mr2 rev3 -midnight runners) 6. RapeyMcRaperton. unsure which car ill be in yet. but count me in!  7. Jakk - Jack Galley - Blue EJ9 Civic 8. Kel 9. Loplop - Liam - Tip of a Saloon. 10. Newbington - Eg5 in some state of disrepair  11. asher 12. Josh2490 13. 5MITHY - ssb ek4