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  1. Buying off yahoo auctions japan?

    I bought my wheels through Repezen G.K. Try Tomo (Repezen) or Jesse Streeter.
  2. Family Guy : Quest For Stuff

    Yeah, got a few quests that entail spending real money. I'm sure some people will though, like donuts on TSTO. Hooked on this game as well now!
  3. It's like The Simpsons : Tapped Out but family guy. Think it's on Android as well as iOS!
  4. Gameboy emulator for iOS

    Yeah I spoke about this in the TSTO thread. Shame it's tethered so it shits itself if the phone dies or turns off.
  5. I miss the egg update. Where we all used to write crude words in each other's towns. Good times, CivicLife. Good times, indeed.
  6. I don't play this as much as I should. Not since I downloaded a GameBoy emulator and Pokémon FireRed.
  7. Custom Stickers The black and clear ones, I get Sticky Business to do. Standard cut font, I get iheartstickers to do. This may be of no help as I can't see your signature but may be worth asking them if what you want is similar.
  8. Custom Stickers

    I can't see your signature :/
  9. I've managed to have a very small house farm yet arranged the town.
  10. iOS games

    Beat me to it.
  11. Anyone into RC cars?

    I was into RC drifting. But my 180SX just sits on the table now. Building models (1/24 Tamiya, Fujimi) is my new thing. Currently waiting for a Fujimi Silvia S13.
  12. FIRST CAR!

    If you can stretch to 1.3; EG3.
  13. Porker. What is your username? I want to see this mega town. Another note, another update... Super Bowl related.