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  1. Em1 Vti Coupe

    yeah mate i sorted it out before i went north weald basset today, they had tune & test day and i was runing 15.8 & 15.9s on the drag strip.. i was thinking the car was doing alright because i went up against a starlet with td04 turbo conversion which was runing 240bhp and he could only go passed me at the end of 3rd gear... i was doin 15.8 he was doing 15.3...
  2. Em1 Vti Coupe

    problem sorted it was the air filter i had on was to big replaced it with stock air filter box & panel filter... car is an animal again thanks for being helpful peeps
  3. Em1 Vti Coupe

    this isnt the first time i have de cat a car this way mate and im a mechanic lol so i know how to do it correctly and never had any problems on any of my other cars i done it on.. this is my first n/a car so i was thinking why isit acting weird after the de-cat...
  4. Em1 Vti Coupe

    the mods i have are Upgraded exhaust manifold, air filter, straight through exhaust system (with a gutted cat) i have recently gutted the cat out and the car feels slower to me on mid range.. i thought it was just me so im asking any one else who has experienced this... would a de-cat on a car make it run slower than runing with a cat as there is not pressure? thanks in advance peeps...
  5. Been to few of the meets at south mims but never actually attended while i had a civic lol.. been there with my starlet... 1. Jor-don 2. EK4chris 3. Shuthanbala1 4. Civic92 5. 1964 6. Shawthing001 7. Fry 8. Pneuma 9. Loony 10. PowellyEG 11. Rustbucket 12. Matt harvey 13. Ramz007 14. Hitmo 15. TiCo 16. Turkish 17. NiCkO 18. civic_eg_wide 19. Sukhy 20. lance08 21. Alex_Ej6 22. SimonF 23. jayEG6 24. EK_Anubis + Charged EP3 25. BenL 26. SimmytinG 27. Dan Page 28. Mattcivic 29. Mot 30. Mattyhonda 31. RJF 32. DanT 33. Snowseph 34. Wilsonic 35. LiamK-9 36. Mr Scott 37. Sonic Blue 38. QUYET and a few others 39. Burgess- Satin EP3 40. Civboy 41. SleeperSam 42. b16b coupe 43. bradshaw 44. Ek_Deano 45. Largie 46. Kowalski 47. bigscott 48. LewisEK 49. Mb6 Gaz 50. Dar 51. Samboep2 52. OFFIT-24-7 53. Ek Head 54. Jimsworthy 55. delsol1989 56. BassKicksDan 57. braziers 58. aji621 59. alfiesmummy/ Kelly 60. mrgash 61. Lox 62. andyc 63. mattm_123 64. domandmel 65. Remedi 66. Spoon-em1
  6. Ace Cafe to Japfest 2

    i am up for it mate.. what date isit ?

    hiya people bought my first civic em1 coupe b16a2... im from north london area...