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  1. B20 Problem..

    This happened to mine when i done my conversion, but it was a stupid mistake by me! the 2 plugs for TPS and MAP sensor are identical, i plugged them the wrong way around. It may just be a simple thing like that.
  2. Post your turbo setup

    BWR Manifold. Anyone running this and got any reviews on it?
  3. Post your turbo setup

    Nah mate, not on honda-tech. Just
  4. Post your turbo setup

    B20 Turbo EK9
  5. EF9 Starting problems

    no codes on ecu, fuel pump is priming and when cranking over fuel is coming out of injectors. The other distributor we tried was a reconditioned one that came off a running car so that works. But surely if it was the main relay, then the fuel pump wouldn't prime? Also tried a set of leads of my car aswell
  6. EF9 Starting problems

    Needing a bit of help, my mate has an ef9 which won't start, it cranks over fine, fuel pump is working and its firing the injectors. Its not getting a spark. Thought it could be the distributor, so got another one of them and tried that tonight but still not starting. Could it be the ignition relay and if so where abouts is it? any help would be great
  7. Help, EF9 Fuel pump

    My mate has an ef9, his fuel pump has packed in and was wondering if a fuel pump from an ek4 will fit as i can get hold of a spare one, any help would be great