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  1. Today I bought ?

    Today i bought a 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2
  2. East anglia

    Ahhh that was you guys then!! Saw a good 20+ cars at costessey 
  3. East anglia These guys will be holding meets in the summer at snetterton,    FYC racing have a few big meets each year but im not sure if they still do the thursday nights. Hlife do a few meets per year
  4. Snetterton Sat 8th March OPL

    Cracking day for it! Me and a friend drove out to watch. There is normally quite a few Honda's but i didn't see any.
  5. Buying and selling shares

    Difficult one really. I can see you being against it if you live in Canada, destroying huge areas of natural beauty but i guess it will have to happen one day unless we develop new forms of renewable energy in the near future which in my opinion i really can't see happening. There is enough oil around to last us 100's of years and the Canadian tar sands make a large percentage of that up. It's getting costly and fast! to extract conventional oil so major tar sand extraction is close.   What are your views?   I'm a first year student studying Energy Engineering by the way.
  6. Buying and selling shares

    As posted already Canadian oil will be big business in the near future. Just finished a long case study on the tar sands situation!
  7. Get it sorted or sell up ?

      Oh yer i would definitely do that rather than the booze option. But student loans are bad business in the first place if your ever planning on earning over £21,000, if not then spend away my man!    But try and do some of the work yourself? That way it makes it fun, and saves allot of money.
  8. Get it sorted or sell up ?

    Your at uni You have no time You have no room to work on cars Do not waste your student loan on it Sell it
  9. 1 million to spend on cars.

  10. 1 million to spend on cars.

    Caterham 620R Quite a few old 1960-1970 Porsche 911's Ultima Gt40 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 69 charger in black   Oh and buy my dad his ugly tvr chimaera he wants ha
  11. bitta fun

    For sale is a perfect example if you are still reading this you are even more of a boring cunt than i am!
  12. Have a look at this. My days.

  13. I love civic life banter!
  14. Edited. I wouldn't be able to live with myself haha
  15. HLife Meet - 26/07/13 - Norwich/Norfolk

    Wish I had a decent honda :'(   Have a good meet, the weather is spot on!