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  1. D15Z6 Tuning

    best thing you can do is put a aftermarket exhaust manifold with decat, that manifold is so restrictive, also strip as much weight as possible, they are quite a nippy car once you sort suspension etc. out
  2. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    Kiel ran a new PB at the weekend with a 9.63@151mph, he is now fastest B series in Europe
  3. stock z6, boost, ARP's essential?

    if you are taking the head off get them, if not dont
  4. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    Yer they are great 60ft times He done a 9.9 straight after but stated to rain a bit He is using 15inch mt slicks 24.5
  5. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    here kiels slip check out the 1.4 60ft
  6. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    585 bhp Yer it was a really strong head wind.
  7. Official 1/4 Mile Thread

    Kiel ran a 9.85@140 today at pod with his b16 turbo eg
  8. honda access rare wheels?

    Seem to sell for alot in the states but I suppose it's finding the right person, not a big fan but getting them cheap
  9. hi, getting a set of these wheels soon just wondering if anyone can shed some light on them? supposedly came off a JDM del sol and really rare over here, anyone seen them before?
  10. b18c4, fast tapping at 3.5k revs, now wont start

    if it wont turn over it sounds like you have seized the bottom end due to lack of oil
  11. Advice on building a turbo DC2

    Hey Ben let me no about the gsc cams as iv been looking into them in America they getting good reviews over there Hope to get some soon Cheers
  12. Newbie needing a bit of guidance

    both eg and ek have good potential its whatever shape you prefer! wouldn't look at standard weights as much as if its a track car it will be getting stripped to death anyway!
  13. sounds good to me, they love boost
  14. Newbie needing a bit of guidance

    ek with a b18c and s80 box would be ideal but engines cost a bomb! may aswell buy a ek4 and do bits to that rather than doing conversions etc.
  15. Spoiler tilt, bolts snapped. :(

    sounds like you were tightening them not loosening