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  1. My Iron man MK IV suit

    Amazing work mate!! What do you think of the new robocop suit? Reckon you'll be making one of them? Itll look epic!
  2. New From Birmingham

    Welcome bro, cant say iv seen your car around, but im sure i will 1 day :-) A couple of us local lads meet up on sunday nights, let us know if your intrested in meeting up on a sunday night with the rest of us. See you around bro
  3. Where the Birmingham guys at?

    All that aside, a few of the members on here meet up on sunday evenings away from where all the bans are being given out for street racing. We met up sunday just gone and there was 7/8 of us, deffo going to be alot more this sunday, PM me if your intrested and ill give you the full location details etc :-)
  4. Where the Birmingham guys at?

    Near Mosely/Billsley sides.
  5. Where the Birmingham guys at?

    Birmingham's not too bad tbh, theres quiet a feww hondas around, and good ones at that! Im around all the time, along with Haychvtec and a few others, you should holla some time.
  6. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    Wouldnt put it past him lol
  7. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    Taxi base, mot station, courtsy car hire, storage for insurance/written off vehicles, and claims, well thats the stuff that i know of, not sure of any others.
  8. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    Lol! Yh, its the guy's who owns the company. And the peformante version of the gallardo comes in white, orange, black, yellow, purple, blue, red and green i believe. His also got a GTR, porsche panmera and a 63 rs4 coming next week and then hopefully the Aventador roadster next year :-D
  9. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    As promised...... And his GTR in the back....
  10. Look What Turned Up At Work Today :)

    Gaffas just bought a Lamborghini Gallardo Peformante which will be on a '63' reg, should be here either tomorrow or Monday the latest, will get pix as soon as it arrives :-)
  11. Birmingham massive to dudley JDMC meet 2nd June

    Sold my ek9 and the dc5 is not insured so will be in the coupe See you lot there
  12. Similar to last year lads, meet up at star city for 6 and shoot off towards Flood street at 6:30 will arrive there for around 6:50 Ill be there in my ek9 along with a few others, if anyone would like more info or details or would like to meet elsewhere then feel free to pm me so I can inform the others cheers Junaid
  13. if you could re-live just one day of your life.

    You have/had a girl friend?? Loooll jokes I would re- live the day my son was born! Was a beautiful day filled with joy, all my family was at my house (as im the oldest from my cousins etc) and the first grandchild in the house hold :-)
  14. jap elite

    Liked :-)
  15. South Mimms Lamborghini

    Sort of lol, i wouldnt even say borrow, he lives with his parents, runs the business for his dad, so he has access to all cars at all times. Plus, with us asians, its like "whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine" when it comes to father and son doing business :-) his a real spoilt kid, gets chaufferd around in a phantom, has the Aventador whenever he wants. Aswell has 4 Gallardo's, 3 R8's a 458 coupe and spyder, rolls, bentleys, and apparently theres another Aventador and a Agera R on order for this summer.... There was a article on the net about a kid doing donuts in his drive in a R8 in the snow!! dont know if anyone has seen it, but yh, thats the kid....