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  1. De icer

    Not just that bit it also will ruin your window rubbers.
  2. carbon fibre repair

    I would advise you contact fiberworx. He will tell you how much it will be
  3. Anyone fitted an MC2 exhaust on an MB6?

    The back box is longer on the mc compared to the mb
  4. D15z6 how to get more power?

    I'd advise getting a decent 4-2-1 to replace the manifold and cat. And if you upgrade your suspension, brakes and tyres you will be able to brake later and corner faster as opposed to going a little faster in a straight line.
  5. very bad condensation

    Check under your dashboard to see if the heater matrix is leaking. Also check your rubber bungs/seals on the bulkhead where wiring etc comes through to the interior. Remove your tail lights and check the seals as mentioned before and refit. I would also say get a drying agent like silica gels or salt to dry it out
  6. High Mileage Club

    Ford transit sat on 189500. Will do that again though strong as an ox
  7. Sheffield/ Rotherham to mimms convoy.

    You guys are aware this thread was for the Mimms earlier in the year?
  8. xbox one gamertags

    Civboy -civboy - BF4, Forza 5, Titanfall, and other'sDaf - DafWales - Forza 5, Dead RisingSmiley - smilley792 - bf4 and nothing else!!! Flem - Flemmmy - Forza 5, PvZ, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, NFS, Diablo 3Projectukdm- HotSweatyThighs- forza 5, that's all atmTyre r mad- Binnie07 - Forza 5Holly - jhollyyox - COD:Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Ryse, FIFA 14Jman aka phsyco - COD, fifa 14, bf4, forzaTomEP2 - TomK20A - Titanfall, Forza 5, BF4Jay - Krispaaayyy - CoD Ghosts, Forza 5, BF4Zimerframe - RedheadZimi - Forza 5, titanfallV9DPW - keep rollin22 - Forza 5, Titanfall, COD:Ghosts, Fifa 14, Deadrising 3, Trials FusionWalshEP - ASP HoaX - forza 5, BF4, Fifa 14, Titanfall...atmCutz - Masta Cutz - Battlefield 4 & Forza 5Rambo- rambodinio - Forza 5,BF4,Destiny, Forza Horizon 2D3ment3d - oD3ment3do - forza 5 for now, trying before I buy Aerodeck civic - mr detail - forza 5, FIFA and battlefield soon
  9. Removing OEM Orange Peel...

    Site I didn't use a thickness gauge but I took it extremely slowly and paid a lot of attention to what I was doing. Here to help so yeah give us a call or a text anytime.
  10. Removing OEM Orange Peel...

    That is a very informative thread from detailing world there Site. I did a full wetsand detail on my aerodeck and that was oem paint. I have the pictures on my Instagram (mrdetailuk) If your considering doing it yourself I'd suggest exactly what offspringy said and go to the scrapyard and get a panel to practice on. Borrow or buy a depth indicator to use for safety. If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a call and I can advise you. Adam 07956223718
  11. Sleepers...

    Friend of mine did a twin engined nova build. Was only running 2 cavalier gsi lumps but it went like shit off a shiny shovel.
  12. free gilette razor

    I tend to wear Rachel's beard
  13. free gilette razor

    It grows slowly as a strap but nothing on his cheeks
  14. Show us your detailing gear !

    Not gonna list it all as I have so much stuff but here's a few pics of my van loaded with the majority of my gear. My favourite product has got to be menzerna power finish 4500. Just adds so much gloss to paintwork.
  15. Mclaren technology centre visit

    Wow just Wow! How in the hell do you get selected? What list have you got to be on??.