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  1. Recommended Crankshafts to use

    Stock cranks have been known to see 4 figure power outputs. Obviously balanced etc. 
  2. Can't get any proper help anywhere!

    Have you tried crxuk for answers? They are more 4th gen orientated.
  3. More ITB Issues

    What injectors?
  4. More ITB Issues

    You do realise ITBs are not just a straight bolt on job? They need mapped to suit.
  5. Ford Focus RS (MK1) Opinions?

    Had a quick google. They do. So torque steer cant be that bad.
  6. Ford Focus RS (MK1) Opinions?

    Did the mk1 Focus RS not come with a Quaife diff as standard?
  7. Head gasket for 0.5mm overbore?

    Stock. They can take serious abuse
  8. Prick Bins Lambo at 200mph

    Nope, just giving my opinion as did you.
  9. Prick Bins Lambo at 200mph

    No i dont find it funny when a mate crashes. TBH thats a bellend thing to do.
  10. B series balance

    Eatons are the screw type charger like the old Jackson kits? They are seriously inefficient. To much heat. Poland must have the same dynos as the USA haha.
  11. bumper holes?

    Shit you making out the ek chassis is 100% better than the old EE/EF. No they all twist and flex. Since you mentioned japan, what holds the record at tsukuba fwd NA? Thats right an old flexy crx. Bonnet raisers do bugger all. High pressure air doesnt let air out the back of the bonnet. Its there in black and white, or even nice bright colours. Venting from the front/middle of the bonnet works fine as this is a lower pressure area. Air can escape.
  12. bumper holes?

    Bonnet raisers dont work. Sitting still yes, moving no.
  13. car is unstable at high speeds.

    Anybody actually driven a car with poly RTA's? I have and the car was stable at speed and under braking. My car was fully polybushed. Its all in the alignment. All i read on here is " ive heard" no actual experience.
  14. Petrol prices

    Avgas= aviation fuel.
  15. Power steering delete.

    I dont get why people loop racks. If you are going to ditch PS but want to keep the short rack, dissasemble the rack and get rid of the piston inside the rack Steering becomes lighter again as your not pushing fluid around.