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  1. Anyone down Eastbourne way?

    Yes! used to live in horsebridge but recently moved a few miles down the road.
  2. Mimms Honda Day April 2014

    Looking forward to this! Will any magazines be there? 
  3. got any pets???

    My dogs, A staffy, Bull mastiff and a Tibetan mastiff   
  4. Holiday suggestions for next year...

    Dubai? I usually manage to get flights for around the £350-400 mark when booking in advanced
  5. Yeah I don't mind paying if I have too, going to be viewing some cars soon as was hoping to use my iPhone rather than go home and do a HPI on my computer.
  6. Hey there, just wondering what is the best app to use when it comes to checking a vehicles registration to see if has been involved in an accident, stolen, outstanding finance ect? Are there even any apps like this available?
  7. Different SiR for sale

    Could be cool to get it, trade the body kit and wheels for standard and then re spray!
  8. The horror!

    Swear I have seen this car in the flesh somewhere.
  9. Fast show

    Ive been the last 3 years wont be on a stand though.
  10. Sussex to South Mimms Part 3

    1. shawthing001 - Pease Pottage 2. Barry - Pease Pottage & Niall in the EK9 3. LaurenceHarding - Pease Pottage 4.Flo +1 - Pease Pottage Like This Quote MultiQuote
  11. Bag of Shit Cars For Sale Thread

    What about this type r! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/stunning-white-modified-honda-civic-type-r-/261087216731?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cca02c45b#ht_500wt_981
  12. Bag of Shit Cars For Sale Thread

    That jordan needs saving! Shame you would have to spend loads just to get it back to standard.
  13. Back here again. (DC2 this time)

    Love your new car jonny! you still riding too? should arrange a ride at crawley sometime.
  14. Yo dawg i heard you like spoilers?

    I saw an astra with a MG ZR spoiler the other day, didnt get a chance to get a pic though what is wrong with these people haha.
  15. *South Mimms Honda Meet part 3*

    1. Jor-don 2. ShuthanVtec 3. Turkish 4. JDMTom 5. steven_EJ9 6. Dar 7. scott 8. Rbz. 9. harVTEC 10. Paul 11. TiCo_87 12. FVil 13. Saifskyline 14. scooby 887 15. Flo Like This Quote MultiQuote