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  1. Engine Light On But No CEL Flash

    if You have a chance, try another ECU. From what I remember, if the CEL is on all the time while You have Your paperclip in that could be showing faulty ecu
  2. Car wont start! Clicking noise!

    i had the same thing for my ej2 and my brothers prelude. both times it was the starter motor. for mine I bought new parts and took it to electrician to fix it and for my brothers prelude just bought used starter motor.
  3. d16z6 bhp limits

    as far as I understand, the weak link of the chain on boosted stock z6 are the rods, not the headstuds or bearings
  4. d16z6 bhp limits

    At the moment I have stock d16z6 in my garage. Plan is to rebuild(OEM spec) it and boost it. What would be Your recommendations If my goal is ~220hp for a daily driven ej? Is there any point in getting arp head studs and acl bearing or stock items would be good enough. As I am on tight budget, I don't want to waste money on parts that I do not require for reaching my goal.   Sorry if my question is inappropriate for this topic
  5. Thank You for advice. On d-series.org I found that general rule (if we can call it like that..?)- PTW clearance for Vitara pistons is 0.001 for every 100hp. Loads of build threads on d-series.org follows this rule and many of them are 300+hp daily drivers.
  6. sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I have question about vitaras ptw clearance that would fit the topic.  Have anyone know reliable calculator for calculating ptw clearance. I want to use vitara pistons in d16z6 block and I am aiming for around 350 fhp. How big ptw clearance should I leave? Somewhere I read that optimal ptw clearance should be 0.01mm for each 100hp(in my case then it would be  3.5x 0.01mm x2 + 75.5mm=75.57mm -so that is the actual bore size I need ), but I did not find any other source that could back this theory up.. maybe anyone can put here some useful links or just coment my theory.    Thank You in advance
  7. d to d swap

    I'm planing to do d16z6 swap in eg3. I know most things that I need etc.. but maybe anyone have seen any useful DIY topics on this subject?