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  1. ashford kent meet 30th oct

    e well im guna try get there for 6 any way
  2. ashford kent meet 30th oct

    my first meet shud be fun. my car still in progress but il come what time this meet go on till as pribably wont be able to make it till half 8-9
  3. New to honda

    hi mate you aint the only new one to honda lol. im in folkestone so only down the road
  4. what a load of crap!

    yeah mb6 is the way forward just waiting to hear about it. im in folkestone which is a shit whole really its sat night and im bord :angry:
  5. what a load of crap!

    i can unsure it running cant be that bad, plus you get all the extras i wanna do to my mb2 and b18c4
  6. just got a insurance qoute on my mb2 without mods and then qoute on mb6 and mb6 is couple hundred more why didnt i get mb6!!! my mb2 wit alloys,decal,lowered and spoiler is stupid money is it worth ringing sky??? or just gettin a mb6 lol
  7. back box

    spoon sound good think ive seen one before what sort of price range are they
  8. help lowering

    ive looked on civic5 and most of the members have mb6's so dosnt really help me lol. and ive asked but no one replies from any one but i will make another thread and see what replies i get. its just i found some zs shocks and springs or would it be easier to just buy mb2 40mm springs for my shocks even tho i want to use zs as they are better being gas. thanks for all the help
  9. back box

    i want some think not to loud you would here me coming from miles away lol. i want some what will help flow but still look good.
  10. back box

    whats the best backbox for mb2?? what is a buddy club ??
  11. d14z4 to d16a9

    ok its all confusing until someone explains lol. i was originally just guna stick d16 inlet on mine and leave it but looking at different modds not sure to go turbo or d16 or even b series
  12. d14z4 to d16a9

    what obd??
  13. d14z4 to d16a9

    if you do find out about this swap please let me know as i found a d16a9 and looked up there 130bhp but not vtec but still 130bhp not to bad
  14. what this engine like?

    whats b18c?? seen b18c4 whats difference?? does anyone know about the d16a9 is it any good or is d16y2 better??
  15. what this engine like?

    sorry if im confusing people i dnt have clue what engine comes from where. dont wanna end up putting wrong engine in my mb lol